Kings Play Chess On (our) Fine Green Sphere


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Self portrait after a thoroughly soaking 2 mile return walk in pouring, warm rain (my friend Tiff dear is encouraging us to turn the cameras on ourselves. Of course she does so in opera gowns. I'm completely rain washed and bare)

I walked this morning at dawn under low grey billows of clouds. It's nearly 80 degrees with 100% humidity before 7 am. The air so heavy I can feel it resisting my arms as I walk. The song playing in the background of my mind today it was 59th Street Bridge "No deeds to do. No promises to keep. I'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep. Let the morning time drop all its petals on me. Life, I love you,.." Written before I was even born- but apropos for a lifetime.

It occurred to me that I am species rich. As species rich as nearly anyone on this planet. This morning I encountered- closely:
Mammal: Deer and fawn, muskrat (still watching the sunrise to the east), dogs, mule, cows, humans.
Birds: Numerous, including; Yellow-headed blackbirds (5 feet away on cattails), Pelicans, ducks, seagulls, sparrows, swallow, many more
Amphibians: frogs
Reptiles: Got skunked - didn't see a turtle, snake, or salamander this morning. (Actually got literally "skunked" on yesterday's walk when Sunny had a completely silent battle to the death with a skunk. She won- but bloodied and reeking of fresh skunk spray. I couldn't have been more than 100 ft away when this battle took place and all I saw was my bloodied dog)

We are living through one of the planets greatest global extinction event-- known as the 6th Extinction. Human activity, not natural events, is the distinction between this and the previous five extinctions. Some estimates have the extinction rate at 30,000 species per year or 3 per hour. The following is from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America...

There is consensus in the scientific community that the current massive degradation of habitat and extinction of many of the Earth's biota is unprecedented and is taking place on a catastrophically short timescale. Based on extinction rates estimated to be thousands of times the background rate, figures approaching 30% extermination of all species by the mid 21st century are not unrealistic (1-4), an event comparable to some of the catastrophic mass extinction events of the past (5, 6). --Kathy notes- they are talking about dinosaurs- the 5th Extinction--

And so the Kings Play Chess on (our) Fine Green Sphere. I don't trust those kings and this is no game.

4th of July, 2010


Apt metaphor. And the "game" goes on because the pawns have the illusion that we are Kings. At least we aren't made of real ivory.
I don't think I've ever been to Big Stone County, although it sounds similar to places around here. Going to Roseau usually involves a path east of you.
I don't know that there is a metaphorical answer to your observation. Maybe each pawn can take back control of their own square and repair some of the damage.

(AKA Feelin' Groovy)
big hit for Harper's Bizarre, who also recorded "Anything Goes". Simon & Garfunkel wrote it, probably Simon by himself. I'm guessing Cole Porter wrote "Anything Goes".

hi Yall! The last part really gets a person thinking. I think everybody probably senses this but it 's so easy to just stick your head in the sand and continue on our merry way. Well actually there are those that have there head somewhere- but its not in the sand. Not hard to make a list of things no longer around in abundance. Will this ever happen to mosquitoes? Hope so!
Finished my tractor seat time today, (done W/field work) I,m trying to wean myself off some of this chemical dependant life we're living. Some things worked, some things didn't. (Maybe I can reverse this extinction thing in my corner). I've got one 40 acre field of conventional corn that my total chemical bill is less than 2 dollars an acre. AND its one of the nicest looking fields any where around! and yes I still use a cultivator on the weeds. Funny none have become resitant to that thing. Hey still enjoy your lines!! E.S.

E.S. Enjoy your lines too. You're probably to young to remember when there were still sloughs around your farm... I remember Grandma talking about them.

Good for you for trying to find a different way. Always good to have someone around who thinks how we can do something different. We might find ourselves really needing to do it different one day.

Thanks for writing!

thanks for the compliment in the first line,I'm almost older than dirt it self.
We used to go swimming in some of these depressions in what are corn field now.I can remember both swimming and ice skating in an area across the road from our home place,always had water standing now theres a tile inlet and no water-I suppose 200 bu. corn in the field! Progress has a different look. I'd like to sit (with a brewsky) and talk with Mike about all I know about this game. Wouldn't be to dangerous caus its pretty intense but does't last long at all!!

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Epic topic, chess is cool I've been playing four years, I never get sick of it.

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