...Let us be Truly Thankful


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The season of abundance is upon us. We have 10 gallons of organic berries from Kristi and Brad's Coyote Grange (Appleton)- plus another gallon from our establishing berry bed. We are now "setting stores in" rather than drawing them down.

And we enjoy all-we-can-eat fresh strawberries for this one very week a year. Last night I made a strawberry shortcake. I ground wheat into fresh flour, cut in the Cass-Clay butter from our dairy farmer down the road, and sweetened with just a small amount of our honey. We ate the shortbread hot from the oven and the berries warm from the early summer sun. As my stoic people bit into that simple delight, they closed their eyes, sighed, and tears rolled down their faces. They were awash in a deep appreciation for all that this good earth has to offer and for each other. No one even had to give the ambiguous blessing of "for what we are about to receive, let us be truly thankful." They gazed out onto the prairie adoringly and turned to each other with kind words of love and gratitude.

It was my Babette's Feast and Like Water for Chocolate moment.

Ok. I made that up. But they did leave off watching the Twins Game for a few minutes in appreciation of a good dessert.


ok, that's a little much...but funny. Trying to picture Mike sitting there with tears running down his face...hmmm...not. if he didn't get to watch the twins there may be tears on his face. If you ever give up your day job you could write stories or WE could open up a resturant!

hehhe...I love strawberry season - its the one thing that grows really really well in my little garden - the season is way too short!

The berries, shortcake and ice cream were wonderful but I was crying because the Twins kept leaving men on base-then they lost.

I was thinking: if they had tears running down their faces while eating your wonderful dessert, what do you usually feed them??? :-) Glad it was a fantasy!!

Wait a minute...was that the game that ended with the bad call by the ump? I think people probably were throwing things at the TV, not crying.
Love to all, Mama

Lori- should have added "heartfelt tears of joy." :-)

Thank you for a great post

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