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And Just Like That (snap fingers now)

Summer 2010 051.jpg
August 5, 2010 Harvesting Wheat in Big Stone County

It hardly seems like summer has begun and now the crops are being harvested. The neighbors are bringing in the wheat and I stopped to watch and wave on the way home. The countryside is lovely green, with golden wheat, and blue skies.

When I got home the phone rang. "Hey neighbor- that was you pulled over- right? Well drop your buckets off and we'll get you that wheat you've been wanting. 15% protein this year. Almost as good a yield as last year. And last year was really good."

I said- "Excellent. Then I'll grind some flour and make you really fresh homemade bread.:


The gift of good family farmers and neighbors.

(Note to self: remember to bring buckets to Trevor).


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Just saw that this blog entry is linked to MPR News Cut (the BONUS- under the buxom mermaid!) at http://minnesota.publicradio.org/collections/special/columns/news_cut/

MUST NOTE: The neighbors didn't say "Free" wheat. ;-) But the labor in getting it from combine to buckets -like drinking from a firehose- makes it all but free even if I pay the going rate for a bushel of wheat.

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Bread made with your own ground wheat sounds terrific! Can you use any more peppers yet? None of us will be able to make it out to the farm until at least the end of next week, so if you want more--go ahead and pick whatever you want. There are beans, zucchini, and eggplants too--if you can use them, please take them. By the way, the eggs I got from you are so good. I have already used over half of them, so I'll be needing more soon.


I will go and pick some stuff from your garden. Big thunderstorms right now... So will be soggy for the county fair.

I promised the kids fresh zucchini bread for breakfast... but am just lazily playing on the 'puter and looking for jalepeno relish recipes for canning.

Glad you liked the eggs Diane- will keep you supplied whenever you are out here. They are good for one month in the fridge- so you can stock up.

Agriculture is the heart of a region's economy, it must be strictly maintained. and very pleasant to live among the farmer. ~ Pertanian Dan Perkebunan

That's what true neighbors are like always willing to help each other

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