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Glacier mountain meadow flower. Photo credit: Alma

We're back from our first family vacation since the boys were born- 6 years ago. It was the best vacation of my life.

Train to Glacier; drive/ferry to Holden Village high in the Cascade Mts in Washington; Seattle for Twin Game, zoo, and Ivers Fish bar; then, Washington's Pacific coast and back home. Two kids lost baby teeth. 4000 miles driven. Kids playing in the Best Western pool until they pile into the hotel room and faint in a pile like tired puppies- smelling of chlorine. Rinse and repeat.

I'm on a haiku kick- so here are a few vacation haikus starting in Holden:

Moutain breezes sing
Full moon setting over peaks
My soul longs for rest

Through the grass I see
My offspring play in the surf
Stomach on warm sand

Little boys like wild
Creatures. Stand close and still to
Hear their beach call/song


Cool! I can see all of you smiling !!


I hope you caught the last bit of our fleeting Washington coast summer weather.

We spent last week on Orcas Island where I spent some time watching my own little wild creatures playing on the beach.

Here's one:

Giggles and howls
Four sandy little boy feet
Find rocks on the beach

That lovely flowers is called Bee Balm. I have it in my garden at home.

Wonderful! Love your haikus! Your kids (and you) will be reminscing about moments from your trip for the rest of their lives!! (I love it when my "kids" get going on "remember when"!)

how in the world did you come this close to me and not mention a word!!! We have a zoo pass and probably passed you while there, we go all the time. I am feeling sad. Glad you enjoyed it here though. (damn it!)

what!?!?1 you were this close to me!?!?!? why did I not know that Kathy????

Leah!! Yikes. My very bad. (psst I also have an aunt in Seattle that I didn't call. I did experience guilt with my narrow focus on just the five of us.)

Yes, you do have an aunt in the Seattle area..also two cousins. Two of my family are out there for the weekend and yes, they are connecting with them.
We really enjoyed Mt Rainer for several days when we were out thataway.
I suppose you do know the history of Iver's fish market?

Hang on, that is definitely what it can be all about? I couldn't realize we'd in fact should want to do every perform. I am outside of this activity

Couldn't of put it much better myself. Impressive!

I love Brian Wilson, I have tickets to see em in Vegas! I'm so happy

Found your site today through Google. Great blog you've got, bookmarked.

I love the flower and the poetry! :) very nice and exciting vacation.

The glacier mountain meadow flower you presented here is absolutely beautiful but I am mostly passionate about orchids. Do you have any kind of orchids growing naturally in your geographic area? Which species?

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