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Earnest catches a mouse

I've been composing an entry about "Life Among Animals" which is all heart warming about brown and black cows lying in clover and multicolored chickens chasing bugs across the green grass, but there's the others side- especially this time of year. The mice are looking for a warm winter home and our 100 year old farm house seems to be an easy target.

What luck that Earnest is nonplussed at picking up mice. He earned a solid 5 Battle Bug points for that one. Last night he was emptying out a cupboard (like a dog digging a hole) in search of the stinky dead mouse that we can't find in the kitchen. I know, I know... this is supposed to be a recruitment blog to get people to leave the city and move to rural places- like Big Stone County- so I shouldn't be talking about mouse invasions and the search for their rotting corpses. Truth in advertising.

Next entry: The Flies.


Remind me to tell you the story of the tiny baby mouse that fell from above onto the table as we ate breakfast. Oh! I guess I just told it!

Way to go Mouse Man.I do have a cat or two I could bring out and help, child labor laws and all. Don't want him working to much, he needs an education, if he is going to be catch 100 plus a day he may need to get paid. "Mouse Lake" I remember why I live in the city. I remember picking up a big bag of cereal one morning on the farm and there was a mouse in it...a living mouse!

Someone (child) hid candy in my dresser and a mouse ate my underwear.

Think I'll find some hard containers for the cereal. That would put me off cereal for life.

Gave away an oven to some friends once complete with resident mouse, nest, and family.

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