One Can't. Two Won't.



We had a bonfire and backyard campout over the weekend. I found myself missing my Dad- not that we ever camped, but he could build a good fire. He always repeated this line about building a fire:

One can't. Two won't. Three might. Four will.

Dad's point- You need four logs to start a fire. So I was telling the boys the same line- and one of the little fellers yells to Alma, "get over here- we need one more person to start this fire. We need four of us." Guess I could have been a little clearer.

Then the four of us (Mike knew better) and the big yellow lab- crowded into the two-man tent to sleep. Originally, I thought we could pack out into the prairie a ways. But frankly, I was glad we were close to home as the coyotes started yipping and howling to the south and to the east of our yard. I'm not afraid of coyotes- but it is chilling to be outside with my little kids and be the grown-up/protector.

It reminded me of a camping trip I took with Val just a few weeks after we graduated from William Kelly HS in Silver Bay. First we got lost in the North Woods, then she had brought Pudding Pops for food (uhhhh... they melt!), then we FROZE overnight, and the Timber Wolves- serious wolves- were howling all around us. Through the night it sounded like they were circling us. We packed out the next day if I remember right.

The kids and I had a great campout. It was surprisingly comfortable, plenty warm, and dog barely smells of skunk anymore.


I remember that same saying and still say it when I build a fire. I just told Kayla and Tori that this summer when they were trying to start a fire. Funny what we remeber. But I can start a fire. Sounds like a nice time, and a good memory for all. With your extra creepy tomatoes you don't use you could rub them on Sunny to take the skunk smell off her. Just a thought. You should post a pic of the kids. (Hint,Hint)

One of my favorite things is camping with Jack's boys. Gotta love the bonfire and the scary stories you can tell around the fire and in the tent.

so informative, thanks to tell us.

ME TOO. one, two, three so far....caught in the garage..another family member is up to eight!
Have your heard the news of the big flood in our town? What a mess!
Many fond memories of camping at State Parks with the family in the good ole days. BD

Great blog, appreciate the effort put into this post! Thanks! :D

Fed up to **here** with everything last night. So I lit a fire in the fire ring. Pulled a couple lawn chairs over. Fed the kids hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner.

Then they all went inside and I stayed out there in the pitch dark. Moonless night- stars everywhere. What sounded like a big buck (or monster/vampire/werewolf/lunatic) crashed through the field behind me. Stomped around and snorted loudly at me. I was too crabby to even car about the lunatic/whatever-- "ya... come and get me. I'm in the mood for a brawl." An owl hooted. The coyotes started yipping and howling. The cold finally drove me in. Damn near freezing out there.

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