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The Botany of Desire

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What did corn do to merit so much care, attention, and expansion to so many acres of farmland around the world? One could say that corn has us by the short hairs. You, we, I (are) am servants to corn.

What if we are really like the bees- what if plants manipulate us to work for them the way flowers get bees to due their work for them (pollinating)? This is not my idea, but rather Michael Pollen's from his book The Botany of Desire. I remember the first time I heard this idea- then bought and read the book. I was pregnant with one of my four babes and jumped into this theory like a deep pool of crystal clear water. I completely take on new ideas- no barriers, no filters- to see how they fit and feel. If it's not want I want after a bit, I step up out of the water and dry myself off and wait for the next exhilarating feeling of being immersed in another paradigm breaking concept.

So play with me here. What if corn seduced us to put all this care, concern, effort, and time into propagating it around the world? Corn caught us the way a flower "catches" a bee. We are just a tool of corn to keep it going generation after generation.

Think about it. Men gather to advance corn's agenda - local chapters of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association are meeting somewhere tonight. Imagine organizing around a plant, meeting and figuring out how to keep your plant at the top of the heap. Who's the real winner? Well if you are in the corn family, I guess that would be the corn plant.

I've figured out how to grind corn in my flour mill. Corn bread for dinner tonight folks. We'll take that corn right in- no middle man like a corn fed feedlot steer or the ethanol in my tank to go to town for groceries. Grown, ground, consumed- in the quiet privacy of my home--mmmmm.

All hail King Corn.


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Nice looking corn! Is it an OP variety?
Don't forget to save the silk, made into a tea it has positive benefits for the body :-)

This is brilliant. I had to spend quite some time to discover your site and I must point out that this is truly worthwhile. Facts such as this ought to be accessible to anyone. Congratulations for your great work and resources. Cheers

And here I thought the photo was too racy to post on-line. Guess I'm the only one who looks at corn in "that way." ;-)

Corn is amazing, especially sweet corn, men may gather around to discuss corn, but my family gathers around to eat corn

Gee Kathy - thanks for making me think of corn in "that way"....my idyllic, innocent memories of childhood days on the farm are ruined!! (you know I'm kidding!)

This is for real. Last Friday I overheard two farmers talking about their corn crop.

"I didn't think I'd get any yield off that field, all the ears of corn were so stubby. But they made up for it in girth."

Other farmer- "Yeah... hahahaha... a lot of them make up for it in girth."

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