The Piece of Cod that passes all understanding


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Harvest Fest meal- 2010- Artichoke Baptist Church

We've had a very cultural fall- with a large family lefse making (the old world style graham flour lefse- no potatoes) and a lovely Harvest Festival lutefisk dinner in the Artichoke church basement. That gelatenous lye soaked fish is the highlight of the feast. Jens wanted to make his own blog entry... so take it away Jens...

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This is me. I'm standing by a box of lutefisk. Lutefisk is brought here all the way from the ocean by Norway. Lutefisk is a one and only time food- you can't have it like one day and then the next. Lutefisk is very famous. It is a very good food.

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This is me with my great-uncle Mick. I helped serve lutefisk for the very first time because my dad put on this apron. I decided I was going to work because he said I could.

Lake and Lutefisk.jpg

This is my brother. I love him. He is very kind. We can play all the time. He is very playful. We make good battle games and even pretend we are transformers. And he doesn't like lutefisk. In fact, he hates lutefisk.


Hey Jens,-Good buddy,tell your brother when I was your age I didn't like Lutefisk either, but you know I really like it now, so tell your brother that He will like it someday too! I'm a Grandpa so he has a long time to start liking it.
How about sauerkraut, do you like that? I make my own from cabbage we grow in the garden on our farm. Its really easy to make. All you do is cut the cabbage really fine, and add salt to it, then mix it with your hands and squeeze the juice out. Then you put it in a very clean glass jar and push the cut cabbage down so its down under the juice. It has to be covered up with the juice all the time. Then you wait 3 weeks if its 75 degrees in the room and WAA-LAA you have homemade Sauerkraut!! If you were closer I'd let you try some of mine.
(Mom its 4tbl. kosher salt to 5 lbs cabbage)
ES (Jens,I'm your Grandma's cousin)

Hello little fellars! Jens good job, tell Lake I hate that fish stuff to! I went to help Grandma clean the stove at our church after the lutefisk dinner, I told Grandma never agian that stuff is like glue, it wouldn't come off. By the way you and your brother sure are cute, I love and miss all of you! Keep up the good work, you have many, many yrs of serving that creepy stuff!

Great blog, Jens! Wonderful to see the photos of you and Lake! Glad you enjoyed the lutefisk supper, and have learned lots about that noble food. (Secret: I'm not real crazy about it myself, but I have great admiration for the people who like it!) 8o) Love from Great Auntie Carolyn

Wish I could have been there to see you working so hard.
Today is the 70th anniversary of what I grew up hearing about called the Armistice Day Blizzard.
I don't know if I really remember the day, or if I just think I do, because of the stories we heard about it. Our family, Art and Alvina and Carolyn, Arlys and I had gone to my Grandpa and Grandma Schmeling's house for a visit that day. We left to go home when the weather turned bad, maybe 5 or 6 miles of country roads. When we got home, the driveway was plugged with snow. My daddy walked with Carolyn, who was almost 8 years old up the driveway to the house, then came back to the car and my mama and daddy walked with Arlys and me to the house. We were just 4 years old. Many people didn't make it home that day, and we heard the story of the Armistice Day blizzard all of our lives. I hope you never have a blizzard like that out in your country. Love, Grandma

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