Curds and Whey


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Fresh paneer cheese-- destined for tonight's dinner

Enough bland food already. Having an Indian curry for dinner tonight-- Mutter Paneer. This morning I made the simplest cheese imaginable-- paneer.

Basically- boil 1 gallon milk, add 1/4 cup white vinegar. Take off the heat and let sit 15 minutes. Pour the curds and whey in a colander lined with cheese cloth. Then put a heavy pan of water on top to press the cheese for a few hours. Voila!

We used the creamy organic milk that was brought to us straight from the dairy farm. I'll cut it into 1 inch cubes, fry it up in butter, and mix it with a tomato curry sauce, green peas, and fresh cilantro and serve it over basmati rice.

Then there is the matter of the remaining whey that come from the cheese making. I thought I'd be tricky and mix it with some powdered drink mix and serve it to the kids as "lemonade" for lunch. That's the flavored whey in the picture. No go. I should have just given it to the dogs. I guess it's good pig food, but I don't have a pig... yet.

It's Saturday night folks. I'll open a bottle of wine from North Dakota, turn on Prairie Home Companion, and snag one of the kids into making dinner with me. We'll make a nice hot curry to counter the already -10 F and dropping temp.

Click here for Mutter Paneer recipe.


Sure glad the kids didn't drink that stuff,looks a little thick, yuk!

Ok. I should have read the recipe for the mutter paneer first. It called for two cups of whey. Instead, it all ended up down the drain as neither the kids nor dog (nor I) would drink it.

Congratulations to Joel, then. And thanks for the fond wishes. Now, if youll excuse me, I have to check up on the rehabilitation progress for Anibal Sanchez and John Patterson (ugh).

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