Good Time as any for a Blizzard


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Photo Credit: Minnesota Historical Society - Woodstock, MN 1909

We've been snowed in on the farm for about 4 days. You've probably heard that I94 being closed from Alexandria, MN to Jamestown ND. To the west of us I29 is closed running north and south through South Dakota. Well, it's big news out here on the prairie anyway.

As long as the electricity is on, we're fine. We would have been out of luck, however, if the power had gone out, the house caught on fire, or we had a medical emergency.

This is a lot harder on Mike than it is on me and the kids. I offered to help run the tractor to blow out the drive- but he just laughed. He's on the third round of blowing snow. Has to blow out the hay to feed the cattle today. Other cores are more compact--the cows are hanging around the barn, chickens in and close to the coop, wimpy dogs afraid of the blowing snow.

We have enough food, water and board games to keep ourselves entertained. It's the holidays and we don't have to be anywhere for anything. It's a good time to hibernate- and sleep comes easily. Nice. This blizzard has worked out pretty well for us, but I know it's not easy on other folks.


I love my children. They are absolutely the most important and precious part of my life. So I was surprised to let out such a big sigh of relief when the school bus took them off at 7:28am. We'd been together 24 hours per day for 11.5 days.

And by 24 hours a day -- I mean 24 hours per day. Two bouts of nighttime stomach flu, nightmares, etc... had kids wandering into my room in the middle of most nights. The blizzard kept us in very close quarters at least 1/2 of those 11 days, and a trip to mom's in Rochester added another 12+ hours of car time for just me and the kids (Mike stayed home to tend the farm).

So this morning when I drove into Ortonville for a medical appt. I was just giddy-- GIDDY-- to be alone. To pick my own radio station that was not XM Kids. I drove 15 miles without meeting another car-- just one tractor with a farmer waving at me. As I drove along in the light snow covered roads, I thought I saw something alive/mammalian in the ditch to my right. As I got closer a border collie rushed out of the ditch to chase my car. I thought "poor guy-- has to wait a LONG time between cars to chase. I was probably the highlight of his morning. hahahaha."

i love collie's how cute are they. i hate xm kids. was that farmer dad? i was so happy to get on the bus do you think you could help me with my typeing i am going to type i love you with out looking at the keybord

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I sooooo paid for my comments about being giddy to be alone for a few minutes. The next day I had two kids with stomach/intestinal flu. I was a crabby and resentful mother-- not my usual style.

Poor dog could freeze waiting for a car to go by. I remeber as a youngster being snowed in at Grandmas, and how crabby grandpa was, well he needed to go to the elevator I thought why would he want to go on a elvator in a blizzard? But, now as a farmer I understand why he needed to go.

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