There and Back Again


There and Back Again.JPG
Capitol by night- Feb 2011

I've been on the road for the past two weeks for work. Hard to write about Resettling Big Stone County when I haven't seen the place. Part of those travels included an amazing few days in DC to learn and practice leadership in the political systems (meaning any place really- right?).

I got stuck in a snowdrift on my way out of Big Stone County. You can see in the picture below that it is a wide open, lovely and lonely landscape. WDC, at least for me, brought every comfort of the 21st century- ideas, people, art, sculpture, fine cuisine, and inspiring public places like the war memorials and buildings on the mall.

On the way home out of Reagan National Airport I had the full body scan and a full body patdown. I'm going to side with former Gov. Ventura-- this is the prices of a secure nation? Call those TSA guys "freedom fondlers." Ewwwww. It's just a creepy experience.

It giddyingly good to be home. Sledding down 20 foot snow drift with my boys, playing Snorta after dinner, and today off to a 5th grade girls basketball game in the morning, and to UM Morris for a live Prairie Home Companion show tonight.

There and back again. The contrast between these places make each one all the sweeter.

And back again.JPG
Our road by day-- Feb 2011



ES-- Ha!! Go little minivan! My car (in the picture) at least has all wheel traction. I took my car into a service station in the Cities a few weeks ago and the mechanic was admiring my snow tires. He said you couldn't buy any better snow tires in America. So I've got that going for me as well.

I'll put the Jeep on the "want" list right after a pickup truck (mini van serves as the pickup truck) and one of those new Chevy Leaf's. Oh better fix the chicken coop as well...

Get a Subaru, I have had mine for 5 yrs and not once have I been stuck. Glad that you got to get home safe. Love ya sista.

Gotta love the 21st century, and DC, even with all the problems!! Maybe you can tell us all how to manage leadership in political systems. Sounds difficult to me! Glad you're home safe and sound and sledding!! I was listening to PHC!! Did you yell "hi Mom" at an appropriate time?? Love Keillor...even with his rather frequent and embarrassing high school humor!

yes I agree, you need a Subaru. maybe something like this would not be a problem.

Anne Ahira

Love the photo of the state capitol. I can completely relate to the feeling of coming home to your family. The best feeling in the world. :) Thanks for sharing.

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yes I agree, you need a Subaru too like Anne. maybe something like this would not be a problem.

Thanks for reading fun,,, I think you need Subaru.

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