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Family Farm game by John Deere

Ok... I will totally own up to having Cabin Fever due to having kids home for 2.5 snow days, being completely snowed in, minus -18 outside (not counting the wind chill), and we've had a sick kid for 5 days now. So I may be a touch, well, crabby.

So yesterday I played two rounds of the John Deere Family Farm game and was annoyed to the point of shouting at the game.

**Note- my children are blessed beyond belief with doting grandparents, aunts and uncles who lavish them with very cool gifts. So that gratitude aside, I'm giving a game review from my perspective**

Being called 'Family Farm', you would think there would be some reference to family or farm legacy. No. The point is to buy and sell seed (you can't save seed or fuel or buy from a neighbor). No collaboration among players. No animals allowed on the farms. Objective is simply put as: "Be the player with the most assets (Land and Money)." Yeah- that's what inspires me to farm.

This game should be called "Industrial Farm." When I pulled the "Land Speculator" card (sell your land at speculative prices!!!) I yelled for my husband and threatened to throw the game away.

Now don't get me wrong-- we're a brand loyal, Green Tractor family. There is one Oliver from the 40's or 50's and a Cockshutt tractor from before that. But the only tractors that rumble and move on this farm are John Deere.

As it happens, I'm spending a chunk of today writing about farms in Minnesota. 81,000 of them. Of those, only 2.4% are larger than 2,000 acres. Fastest growing segment is 99 acres or less. Our own farm is among the "Ag in the Middle" group in that 320 acre range. Granted, the number of farms our size is decreasing (from 47% of total farms in 1997 to 42.6% in 2007) but still makes up the single largest segment of farm size in Minnesota.

So come on Big Green-- give us a fun game that let's us have a real family farm, with connections to our neighbors and communities, that allows that a farm might actually have some animals like chickens, pigs, cows, and hell yes even a turkey or two. Playing John Deere's Family Farm makes me not even want to farm.

If you want a fun farm game. I suggest Farm Monopoly. Even though the original Monopoly was conceived as a slap in the face to the banksters responsible for the Great Depression, Farm Monopoly actually makes a person want to farm.

I am so putting this game in the trash (or maybe burning it to be sure it doesn't fall into someone else's hands), assuming the weather lets up and the kids actually go back to school. Bah!


check out where the games was made at bet it wasn't in china, ok it was made in China, but the Idea of the game came from Germany. So, get a bottle of wine head on out to the burn barrel and have a party. Then go back inside and make your own game, market it and sell it and make some extra money. Now thats a good idea. I know about the cabin fever its starting to really get to me.UGH!!

Well... you got me there. The game was "Made in the USA with plastic parts from China."

slowly step away from the game kathy...go directly to the fridge, open fridge, find alcohol...any kind will do, have a sip, now walk to a chair sit down, and stare out a window and finish bottle of alcohol... if it makes you feel better, I want to burn my old christmas cartoons and all charlie brown videos I have because they are sexist pieces of garbage and infuriate me to no end.

You make a great point, but instead of waiting for John Deere or someone else to create this game. Making change in todays society takes effort from us all and this may be a great opportunity to take and adjust into a new ideal game.

Yes you may be busy but you may be on to something for us to work on.

Sounds like a new area for us who are into sustainability. Developing board games with real goals,outcomes,and winners.

did you hear about the farmer who won a $1 million in the lottery? When asked what he would do now, he said I'm just gonna keep farming until its gone.

Sad to say, but this kind of stuff is the only thing that seems to get any attention. You know,- buy,sell,beat the next guy to the gate, or the finish line. Anyone with even a small amout of care for others is considered a nonperformer. As a car salesman told Dad one time long time ago. - -, he still thinks 2 and 2 are 4!!
I like that sustainable Ag game idea. Think of how that could put words and information in peoples minds that don't nessarily have them in there everyday lives. Especially parents playing with kids. Wow-Think about it- A Mom says "WELL I never new THAT"!!! (and the child learns) ES

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