Wind Beneath his Wings


Earnest sails again!!

Wind speeds sustained over 30mph, gust over 40mph. Must be good for something.

Admit it. When the wind blows like that you just want to lean into the wind and fly away. I can in my dreams. I tried as a kid. Strapped styrofoam onto my arms and jumped off the top of the slide. Fell to earth.

Jens would have been the best of my 3 kids to fly, but refused to be strapped up to the kites. Said he would cry. So we turned to Earnest. He's game for anything. In fact, when I found the screen off his second story bedroom window this morning and resting on the porch roof, I didn't even question his brother/roommate. It was "dude! were you trying to get on the roof??!!" It seems a toy had been thrown up onto the porch roof below his window.

So Earnest got fitted with some wings and got some loft, but it didn't last long as they were shredded in seconds.


When Mike was in college at Bemidji State (before going to the U) he had a teacher who would constantly question whether he had been driven mad! mad I tell you!! by the relentless prairie wind. Just this morning Mike was telling me how the wind always blows like this when filling the silos. No matter which silo had to be filled from which direction, it was always sand blasting him in the face with corn plant materials.

The wind blasts the garden plants, drives fine dust into your pores, knocks the geese and ducks from the sky, and makes a strong, determined woman have to call home for a ride because she can't walk into the wind another mile. Poor Happy turned around 1/2 down the driveway and went back home (a first). She knew that the wind was just too much for her poor old body.

And so we may as well have some fun in that wind and turns those dreams into reality. Fly up into the sky tethered by joy and love (and madness).

That, and we're getting a wind turbine. I only wish it were up today.


Might want to get Earnest a helmet, or a hang-glidder? Or might just want to infor the little fellar that HE CAN NOT FLY, AT ALL. Mom is going to have a fit when she reads that blog....I'm just saying. Funny, tho.

ohhh Auntie... i loooooove your creativity! i always wanted to fly.. like peter pan.. and the pixie. but mom rained on my parade when i was little too! looks like you guys just turned a not to nice day into A LOT of fun!! love you and miss you guys! xoxo

No, I didn't "have a fit", did ask Kath what he was standing on, tho. Remember me? Who was it that did "U turns" on our icy driveway in SB, or Louie's on any clear patch of ice? I will say trying to get out on the roof outside the bedroom window would not be anything I would want to witness, I know how far off the ground that is. I think this crazy weather is getting to all of us.

Glad to hear about the wind turbine... hope you got a little flying in on your birthday :)

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