One- Two- Three- Four- I Declare a Hay Bale War!




People sometimes ask what I miss moving from St. Paul to rural Big Stone County. But when a person has little kids, doesn't matter where you live 'cuz it's all about them.


What I don't miss is the constant vigilance of raising a kid in an urban area where you can't just put them on their bikes-- even on sidewalks in front of the house- because of the driveways and constant traffic.


Rural areas and farming are dangerous business too. But it doesn't seem so relentless. Plus wide open spaces are good for the soul. Sunsets are an event. And giant hay bale are an arena for all kinds of imaginary battles between good and evil. Oh- and those bales are the best of place to kick back with all your kids and launch parafoil kites into the air.




These must be neighbor kids; yours can't be this big already.

Looks like such fun! I remeber as a kid play at Grandma&Grandpas in the pine trees. Was the best.

Love the silouettes! And it looks like such fun! Thanks for this!

I was born in St. Paul, raised in Minneapolis. After we were married a couple of years and I was expecting our first baby we made the decision to move to where we live now in rural SD. Our first baby was born in the Graceville hospital, because they were the only hospital in the area that would let Rob in the delivery room and let me keep the baby in my room most of the time. Ortonville and Milbank hospitals would not consider such a thing. If I had been a beer drinker, I could have had a beer with my meals because I was a nursing mother. I won't pretend it was not a huge adjustment, it was. I knew no one outside of Rob's family, and I am far more shy than you would think. Living with no near neighbors was kind of creepy at first. At that time we had one vehicle, no tv and a party telephone line. But I have no regrets, I am so glad I raised my family here and I love living where I do. My folks continued to live there for many years and we would take the kids down for theatre, art and music treats. Some expensive like the Ordway, some free like the Lake Harriet band shell. Lots in between the two. I love the haybale photos, that is how my kids grew up. And the freedom they had as well as the chores, while not heavy, made the family run better. It made them all confident people with an unbelievable work ethic. One never quits being concerned for their children, no matter how old, but I know they will tackle any kind of work necessary to get along. My son once was up high scraping the dome in dinkytown.

Silhouettes!!! Thought that looked wrong. Gotta have correct spelling here!!

That last photo is a real gem. Did you ever think about marketing some of these? I could see them on a magazine ad selling the life out there!
(For sure you'd want to keep the identity of everyone under wraps!)

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