Bliss and Adventure in Big Stone County, Minnesota


Cross my heart. Hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye. Plus a pinkie promise that the kids could spend 5 Wednesday nights this summer roller skating at the Sioux Historic ballroom located on Big Stone Lake north of Ortonville. Truth is... I love to roller skate so it's nothing but fun.

J and L Rollerskating.jpg

There ain't nothing, people, like going into a dark ballroom filled with kids, loud music spanning 60 years from last week to 1952, and strapping on a pair of skates for a few hours. The whole world narrow down to this one great place and time. I make the boys hold my hand for the couple skate.

But last night I was in need of a little time to myself. So I walked the few feet over to the Lakewood Lodge. This is a great and beautiful place right on the lake- with a great patio and a dock to moor the pontoons that come down the lake for a good meal and nice drink. I found myself with a nice, pink drink in my hand. Blissfully looking at the pelican rookery and sun reflecting on the water. Complete peace and calm as the sun set to the west over the lake. Ahhhhhh.

Kathy at Lakewood lodge.jpg

And then it was time to herd the boys to the car (the girl is at Farmer's Union camp) and head the 18 miles back home. A lovely night with a half moon in the sky, thunderheads lit up by lightening in the dark sky. We begged the clouds to rain on our farm, but they were too far east.

I turned onto the last gravel road to our house and had to slam on the brakes, sliding in the gravel, as I came face to face with large, lumbering, grayish animals. I stopped within feet of them and was actually sputteringly dumbstruck. I didn't know what those animals were. .........................................................


That's so crazy! What fun! I just talked with Erin tonight about how her little Vivi enjoys Dr. Seuss' ABC book - especially the "Y" page about the "yawning yellow" and "Young Yolanda Yorgenson who's yelling on his back".

We were planning on going skating last night! But the two little boy guests for the night said they didn't want to. Shoot! I could have had a lovely yellow drink to match your pink drink, and we could have yakked for awhile. We will try to go next week...

Jo... Let's make that "kids rolling skating, moms at the Lodge" thing a raincheck. Having a friend at the table would be the icing on the Big Stone cake.

Sue-- love the Dr. Suess line-- and did not recall the Young Yoland Yorgenson. I meant to include in the blog post that the ballroom was filled with ___sons of Jens, Sven, Swen, John, Anders, and Hans. Last week they all had community ed t-shirts with their last names. So I could see all __sons names.

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