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It's good for the soul to practice being grateful for what we have. Some days that is easier than others. But living near Clinton, MN gives me many opportunities to enjoy the gifts of family, community, and plain old fashioned fun.

Like dancing a polka on mainstreet on my way with my kids to the grocery store.
Most days of the week there's an interesting sound track playing from the outdoor stereo system on the old bank (compliments of and to Dave). Some days I'll just stop in my tracks as a haunting old Johnny Cash song plays on. Yesterday, it was a great set of polka.

Note to self: don't polka while recording video

The people here invest in the children- as a whole more than any one individual. Maybe that's the way it is all over. But it is so very clear how much all of these kids mean to the community. They close the streets for a kiddie parade.

phone photos july 2012 187.jpg

The firemen set up the hoses and on a hot summer day and the kids get to play in the middle of the street for an afternoon of summertime fun.

phone photos july 2012 199.jpg

Followed by a root beer float chaser and a carnival put on by the Civic Club.

phone photos july 2012 200.jpg

And then it is Fair time. With 4-H stands and animal barns. And a tractor pull for the younger kids. For some seriously wonderful pictures of kids at the fair, click here to see Becky Red Barn's professional photos of the Big Stone County Fair. A must see.





If you let yourself, it's like falling in love over and over again. Small places are a blessing... a rooted foundation of much that is good in the world and life. I didn't know that's what I'd be giving my children when we moved here. Mike remembers the frustration of getting in trouble in town at the end of the school day and his mother already waiting angrily at home when the bus pulled up--someone having called to rat him out in those few miles of bus ride. So it can go both ways- the embrace and the sanction. For the time being, I'll just hang with the embrace.


Love it!! The wonderful part is that your family is just as happy out here on the 'western edge' as you had hoped to be!! Kids don't understand how much the adults around them are willing to put forth to see them safe, happy and well-loved. I think that is the planned design-none of us did. Thus, the freedom of childhood when it all goes well. Thanks for the compliments on my post. Your photos are great too!!! Wish we could have run into you at the fair!

Woohoohoo!!! My kind of town...polka music on main street! And I love the end of your video! Impatient child! Come ON, Mom!!
The fair is a great place...only I'm not sure I'll go to ours this year...the temperatures are not friendly! Maybe it will cool off a bit soon!
Hoping and praying for it to RAIN on you!!!
Auntie C

Thanks Becky... we'll have to 'run into each other' at the Lakewood Lodge one day soon.

Auntie C!! So glad you could post! Come on out to Clinton one day soon... we'll have another marathon beet pickling day.

I get a kick out of that video, from the lilting polka moments to the "Mom, hurry UP!"

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