A Saturday in Big Stone County-- a day in the life


I set out a couple Saturdays ago to take one picture every hour of my life in Big Stone County. It's a rich and sometime busy life. If you're under the impression that small town and rural life is slow paced and without opportunities, you might be surprised. Here's a view of a day in the life of a farm mom in Big Stone County.

It started early with taking Alma into Clinton for play practice. The school is doing the musical Oliver!

autumn 2012 038.JPG

While Alma was at practice, I headed down to the Harvest Fest at the Apple Ranch on Big Stone Lake. There were lots of friends to talk to, artists and artisans, and apples to be bought. Any U of M students at Food Day at the U? You may have enjoyed those apples on the Regional Partnership's table. Last year I met a woman who raised her own alpaca, spun their wool into yarn, and knit lovely hats and scarves. This year I marveled at Liz Rackl's granite carvings. I couldn't stay as long as I liked because it was time to pick up Alma from play practice and so I headed back to Clinton.

autumn 2012 043.JPG

Alma and I had a bit of time to spare before we went to a friend's house and so we stopped to visit Doreen at the Cabin Cafe. We split a homemade caramel roll and I enjoyed a good cup of coffee. People! Go out of your way to eat at The Cabin Cafe- Doreen is a great cook and committed to using healthy food. Organic oatmeal for breakfast and secret recipe pie crusts made with canola oil-- and delicious! Open 7am to 2pm Tuesday - Sunday. Pie on Sunday only.

autumn 2012 046.JPG

On the way to our friend's house to help them move, we passed what looked to be 3 or 4 generations of one family combining corn. Alma got a good look at the guys in the combine- and older man with a very old man. Looked like an aging farmer with his own elderly dad bringing in the harvest. What a great touchstone for a farm life and a family on a crisp autumn afternoon.

autumn 2012 049.JPG

Alma and I went on to our friends JoAnne and Simon's house- for a fun and sad time helping them move. JoAnne and her family had to move away because the DNR cut her hours as the Big Stone State Park ranger. We need this beautiful state park! We need this young and active family! Just think- the weekend they moved out we lost .1% of the population of the county. So this was not a happy event- but I'm sad to say it is indicative of the state of the county. (Let's change that)

autumn 2012 054.JPG

We stayed for sandwiches and apples at JoAnne and Simon's and then off to the big game! Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley had a Saturday afternoon football game. Met the rest of the family there and we all stood with hands on heart as the Star Spangled Banner was played by the school band.

autumn 2012 059.JPG

An hour later I was cold and warming up in my car. Check out the great view of the game with a fieldside parking spot! And me- after my gushing thrill of football post a few weeks ago- now reading the Energy Bulletin on my cell phone.
autumn 2012 061.JPG

At last back home to hang out, process tomatoes, and cook up a batch of ham and veggy soup. This tomato squisher/de-seeder is the best invention EVER! We make great seedless sauce in no time. What's more, the chickens get the seeds and the tomato skins and think of all the healthy nutrients there- not a bit wasted.

autumn 2012 066.JPG

This takes some time and makes a big mess. So got the whole family involved including in the clean up, which made for some crabby moments. The sun was going down in the west.
autumn 2012 071.JPG

As the tomato sauced cooked down and the ham and veggies stewed- I had a few moments to myself.
Harvest fest plus 2012 001.JPG

Dinner together:

Harvest fest plus 2012 006.JPG

And upstairs to bed- but first a couple games of hangman.

Harvest fest plus 2012 008.JPG

String together a bunch of simple pleasures and you get something of a life well lived. The trick, I think, is to pay attention-- every hour sometimes.


Really enjoyed your travelog as I grew up in Ortonville and it reminded me of my childhood!!!
Thank you!

I first was introduced to your writings by a link that Trish Kellen had posted. I grew up just up the road from where you currently live and reading your stories makes my heart yearn for life on the farm. I'd like to receive your blog on a regular basis but am not sure how or where to sign up. Maybe I just didn't look hard enough. Can you guide me? Thank you!

How sad. I used to live in Edina, MN. When I was a small child I loved it when we'd drive by all the old farm houses early in the morning as we'd drive out to visit a cottage on the lake. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Breaks my heart to see it all going away.

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