May 6, 2008



What I chose for my service learning for the semester was with Achieve! The first week of volunteering was just a basic orientation where we met the people we would be working with and what we would be doing. We were assigned to Roosevelt High School in South Minneapolis. When we got there, we met with Mike in the career center. Mike used to go to Roosevelt so he knows first hand how the students are and how to work with them. He showed us all the qualities of Roosevelt, which one of them would be an auto class which is unique compared to a lot of the other schools in the district. This was something that Mike was particularly proud of. He knows exactly what these kids are going for so he seems like there would be no one better for his job. He also went through a project that he has all the freshmen work on the semester. It is called “My Life Project? and it is a presentation for each student. The students pick a random future out of a hat. It can be anything from a doctor to a high school drop-out. Once the students get their futures, they then research how much money they would make at there jobs and all the fees and loans they would have to get. They even have to see how much money they would spend. The final result is the end spending money they would have after all the different outputs for their money. I think that this is a very interesting project and is great for these kids to give them perspective.


Through our visits we would stay there for three hours to help with any questions that the kids may have about the “My Life Project.? We were also there for any extra tutoring that the students might have. The unfortunate thing was that Mike urged them to get help because they kept asking him but when we were there, they would not come. We went to Roosevelt for five weeks about three hours each. Reflecting on each week would be exactly the same thing because every week we did do exactly the same thing.

The days that we were there were:
2/13/08 930-1030
3/3/08 1130-240
3/10/08 1120-215
4/7/08 1130-220
4/14/08 1120-150

Overall, the service learning was a good experience. It was nice being able to help the students. Being able to give them help and advice for anything they might need. The only problem is that most of the time, the students wouldn’t come to get help. Mike was saying they rather just not worry about it which is kind of too bad. I wish that I could have helped more than I did but the kids that I did help were thankful.

Critiques(Blog 8 and 9)


The presentations that we had in class this past week were very interesting. It was cool seeing all the different types of handouts that were made. One group in particular had some good drawings on there’s which was probably the most unique. One thing that bugged me was the limited supply of handouts. None of the groups seemed to have enough to hand out to everyone so by the time they got to the back of the room, I was sharing with two other people so it was hard to follow the handouts but then again that is just a minor set back.

Group X

One of the groups that I chose to critique in my section was Group X. Group X was a mixture of some of the goals and how they intertwine with each other. The millennium goals that were touched on were Goals 1,2,6,7 and 8. They based all of these goals in India. They did not print out any hand outs because they wanted to reflect one of their goals of environmental sustainability which I thought was clever because we did they same thing. AIDS, Education, Transportation, and Financial problems were the basis of their report. To sum up what they talked about, they proposed that a lot of the population is misinformed about AIDS, thinking that there actually is a cure. A solution to this is getting more education to these people. One other big problem is the transportation issue leaving some of the people away from work. They are proposing that each family needs a car. To start resolving this problem, the financial aspects of India have to get spread out more.

Mumbai Transport.jpg

One thing that I caught which was kind of misleading about their argument was the statement that there is an Economic Explosion in the more populated areas of India. The presentation that I worked on with my group also centered on India. That comment doesn’t seem entirely true. What we discovered is that the most populated area of India is the slums. They part of India with the Economic burst is the Central Business District were all the rich people live. That would mean that the most populated areas, the slums, would have the lowest economic influence because they don’t have any money. Other than that minor detail the group did a decent job. The content was interesting and they presented it well. A couple people were noticeably not comfortable with their speaking or had not practiced enough but it was still good.

Goal 1

The other group I chose to critique focused their presentation on Millennium Goal 1. The country that best fit for this goal, according to them, was Bolivia. Bolivia is in South America which is the poorest countries in the world. I weird fact about Bolivia is that they produce enough food for entire country but still suffer from a hunger problem. A shocking statistic that I learned through this presentation is that, in Bolivia, three out of four people live below the international poverty line. The problem is that, being located in the mountains, there is no access to anything that they need. They came up with a few good solutions to this problem. One that I particularly thought to be very interesting was their proposal for the Salvation Army getting recycle farms to place in the mountains. The other solutions were the normal ones that everyone would assume but I actually haven’t heard of these before. The recycle farm starts with a chicken coop. The chicken coop is on top of an open pool or aquarium populated in fish. The poop from the chicken all goes into the water that the fish are living in. The fish will eat chicken poop which is a way to prevent any waste. Then the fish poop and that sinks to the bottom. There is a drain somewhere in the bottom of the fish pool and runs into a nearby garden. The water from the fish is apparently very rich in nutrients and will fertilize the garden. This seems like a very interesting plan to me. And would like to see how well it works.

Bolivia Farm.jpg

Overall, this was a very informing presentation. Up until now I was unaware of the problems that people are faced with over in South America because it seems that India is the place that is always mentioned hand in hand with poverty. The information was interesting so it wasn’t boring. All the members seem to have known exactly what they were going to talk about and it sounded like they each practiced on there own to prevent the “um’s? and the “uggg’s? which was refreshing to here.



Mumbai overpop.jpg

Mumbai Slum.jpg

Cover Page 3.jpg

March 13, 2008

Unique Presentations

Out of the recommended websites, I would have to say that the Graphis website is the best. I like how the intro is set up with the different pictures and how they get you focused on what they mean. Even though it is just a set of pictures, the words that would usually be there do not need to be. Hopefully with our project, we can accomplish something along those terms. We plan to make our movie as entertaining as possible. We shouldn't have to say too much assuming that we can get our pictures to tell the story for us. Along with the graphic aspect, we plan to add music that will give the presentation a flow. There is not too much more to say about the unique presentation I just hope that we can leave a mark in the viewers mind with what we are purposing.

March 6, 2008

Brett Favre...#4...The Legend

I know that I am supposed to be talking about the built environment but I believe that for an established you need society to build that environment. Adding on to that, entertainment shapes the way our society feels which would reflect those feelings on the built environment. There is one person that entertains many people and influences society in many ways who has had a big week. He has to be mentioned and I have to write my words in his honor. That is: the one….the only….the legend….the role model….BRETT FAVRE! A lot of people my age have never watched the packers without Brett. It is going to be very tough and different watching the Packers. I was four years old when Brett got his first start with the Packers.

Referring back to the lectures, the thing in my example would have to be little Brett from Kiln, Mississippi with all the dreams in the world ahead of him not knowing what his future holds for him.

Young Brett.jpg

His biggest worry is what’s for dinner or if he will get in trouble for that thing he did that he thinks his parents do not know about.

The framework in this scenario is the Brett Favre ready for professional football. He is grown up and shaped a big portion of his life. He has transformed from just a regular kid to a pro athlete. I call this a framework because the basic thing has progressed into so much more with life experiences.


This is a picture of Brett on draft day excited to play for the NFL; Shaped by the experiences of high school football and college football.

The Packers organization is the main clockwork because without them, the system would just fall apart. Brett would be a no body if it wasn’t for the Packers. This is where everything combines and works together for a certain function. The whole team needs to work together to achieve their goals and win championships.



Player TD passes Notes

Brett Favre 442 Surpassed Dan Marino on Sept. 30

Dan Marino 420

Player Wins Notes

Brett Favre 160 Surpassed John Elway on Sept. 16

John Elway 148

Dan Marino 147

Player Yards Notes

Brett Favre 61,655 Surpassed Dan Marino on Dec. 16

Dan Marino 61,361

Player Attempts Notes

Brett Favre 8,758 Surpassed Dan Marino on Sept. 30.

Dan Marino 8,358

Player Interceptions Notes

Brett Favre 288 Surpassed George Blanda on Oct. 14.

George Blanda 277


Most career MVP awards — 3

Consecutive starts by a QB — 253

Career completions — 5,377

Seasons with 3,000 yards passing — 16

Seasons with 300 completions — 15

Seanons with 30 touchdown passes — 8

Plus 1 Super Bowl ring and 3 MVP’s

…………….Need I say more………….

This unfortunately brings me to my last point. May I add that this is a very depressing week for Packer fans everywhere.


Brett has faced much opposition in his lifetime. He has overcome pain killer and alcohol abuse, his father’s death and many injuries but still managed to never miss a start. Brett has put his heart and soul into every play of his life and will be remembered for that. His retirement was very surprising after his amazing season but it has to come sometime. Now he gets to relax and rest for the rest of his life. It has been a great 17 seasons and he will never be forgotten. It’s a sad time in title town but it will be forever remembered for….the legend….Brett Favre.


February 28, 2008

Architecture for Environment

If there is one thing that I could do pertaining to architecture outside of the school that would help my environment I would want to move down to New Orleans and be an active force in the reconstruction of all the wreckage. Since it happened I always thought that it would be nice to go down there and help out with everything and actually make a difference. After seeing “When the Levees broke?, it made me think that it would be awesome to assist people down there and make a difference in the world. I know I could go down there now but to be honest I don’t have the time or money too which is unfortunate.


I don’t really know too much to say but all I know is that they need help and the more people the better. I would like to see progress first hand compared to what I am being told. The hands on aspect would be a lot more appealing and exciting. Referring back to the film, the happiness in the people’s eyes when they got the new houses was unforgettable and I want to be able to give a house to someone who lost a lot in the hurricane.


February 21, 2008


I decided to incorporate my pictures, quotes and play list all as one. My issue that I focused on was poverty but instead of going nation wide I wanted to talk about world wide. I wanted to add the videos because they show the issues that we are dealing with in some way and pictures would not do them justice. Also the quotes that go along with them have great meaning.

"Prayer Of The Refugee"

Warm yourself by the fire, son,
And the morning will come soon.
I’ll tell you stories of a better time,
In a place that we once knew.

Before we packed our bags
And left all this behind us in the dust,
We had a place that we could call home,
And a life no one could touch.

Don’t hold me up now,
I can stand my own ground,
I don’t need your help now,
You will let me down, down, down!

Don’t hold me up now,
I can stand my own ground,
I don’t need your help now,
You will let me down, down, down!


We are the angry and the desperate,
The hungry, and the cold,
We are the ones who kept quiet,
And always did what we were told.

But we’ve been sweating while you slept so calm,
In the safety of your home.
We’ve been pulling out the nails that hold up
Everything you’ve known.

Don’t hold me up now,
I can stand my own ground,
I don’t need your help now,
You will let me down, down, down!

Don’t hold me up now,
I can stand my own ground,
I don’t need your help now,
You will let me down, down, down!

So open your eyes child,
Let’s be on our way.
Broken windows and ashes
Are guiding the way.

Keep quiet no longer,
We’ll sing through the day,
Of the lives that we’ve lost,
And the lives we’ve reclaimed.


Don’t hold me up now,
I can stand my own ground,
I don’t need your help now,
You will let me down, down, down!

Don’t hold me up now,
I can stand my own ground,
I don’t need your help now,
You will let me down, down, down!

Don’t hold me up…
(I don’t need your help, I’ll stand my ground)
Don’t hold me up…
(I don’t need your help)
No! No! No!
Don’t hold me up!
(I don’t need your help, I’ll stand my ground)
Don’t hold me up!
(I don’t need your help, I’ll stand my ground)
Don’t let me down, down, down, down, down!

The first song I picked was “Prayer of the Refugee?. I chose this because the lyrics talk about people needing help but America has “tried? and hasn’t really helped them enough to make a big difference. They are “helping? just to say that they did. The video is very interesting because the set is in a grocery and department store and as he is walking through the store, an American flag is shown. Towards the end of the video, there is a refugee in Africa who opens up a box and it is chocolate that was in the store. When the refugee sees this he starts to pray. At the very end of the video, it shows an immigrant boxing food and then placing American stickers on it. This video gets me thinking of how America tries to help refugees but with all of our food that we have and actually take for granted, all we can send is five boxes of food that isn’t even efficient enough. It gets the peoples hopes up for more food but they still do not get enough.

"Ready To Fall"

Hold on slow down again from the top now and tell me everything
I know I've been gone for what seems like forever
But I'm here now waiting
To convince you that I'm not a ghost or a stranger
But closer than you think
She said, "just go on to what you
Pretend is your life but
Please don't die on me"

Wings won't take me
Heights don't phase me
So take a step
But don't look down
Take a step

Now I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall
I think I'm at the edge now but I could be wrong
I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall

Perpetual motion the image won't focus
A blur is all that's seen
But here in this moment like the eye of the storm
It all came clear to me
I found a shoulder to lean on
An infallible reason to live all by itself
I took one last look from the heights that I once loved
And then I ran like hell

Wings won't take me
Heights don't phase me
So take a step
But don't look down
Take a step

Now I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall
I think I'm at the edge now but I could be wrong
I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall

I count the times that I've been sorry
I know, I know
Now my compassion slowly drowns
I know, I know
If there's a time these walls could guard you
I know, I know
Then let that time be right now

Now I'm standing on the rooftop
Now I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall
I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall
I think I'm at the edge now but I could be wrong
I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall

Now I'm standing on the rooftop (ready to fall)
Now I'm standing on the rooftop (ready to fall)
Now I'm standing on the rooftop (ready to fall)
Now I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall

This second video is by the same band and focuses more on the environment. I chose Rise Against twice because I admire what they stand for and how they try to influence everyone who listens to them with putting it in there videos and talking about it in interviews. I went to one of their concerts and they had PETA there asking people for signatures. It shows to me how much they are trying to make the world a better place. The second video is one if any that you should watch on this post. It is about animal cruelty and how we as humans effect the environment. It ranges from drilling for oil to a slaughter house. Some of the images are a little disturbing but they have to be to show the truth or no one will listen…Right? The lyrics of the song are describing how this used to be a nice place and it is becoming more and more noticeable that it is drastically declining or about to fall.


"What I've Done"

In this farewell
There’s no blood
There’s no alibi
‘Cause I’ve drawn regret
From the truth
Of a thousand lies

So let mercy come
And wash away
What I’ve done

I'll face myself
To cross out what i’ve become
Erase myself
And let go of what i’ve done

Put to rest
What you thought of me
While I clean this slate
With the hands of uncertainty



For what I’ve done
I start again
And whatever pain may come
Today this ends
I’m forgiving what I’ve done!!!


What I’ve done
Forgiving what I’ve done

Linkin Park is not known for being very political but they did something on their newest album that nobody expected. They went there. Everyone obviously has their own opinions but in mine, something must have been bad enough for a band who is not very outspoken about politics, to bash bush. The video starts off with grass going back into the earth and the whole video shows clips of stuff that has happened in the past that have been devastating. The oil spill is shown along with actual clips of an atom bomb going off. There is also a burning cross with hundreds of KKK members around. There are a lot more that you will see by watching the video. A part of the video that really catches my eye is when they show a woman measuring her waste and then cut right to a starving family in Africa who are skin and bones. It makes me think about how we can choose what kind of shape we are in and what we went to eat whenever and how starving people in third world countries have to choose between who gets to eat for the food because not everyone gets to. It is pretty shocking. The lyrics explain that we have done terrible things in our past but we have to learn from those mistakes and start changing everything NOW and drastically. What we are today is the grass and our past was the bad seed we came from. It’s time for the grass to die and we need to plant the new seeds…..of HOPE and CHANGE.

February 14, 2008

Social Design

The first thing that I think of when Social Design comes up is our society and what designs it. Living and walking around campus, I see all sorts of people. The unfortunate thing is when I walk around I feel as if I see the same people over and over. This is the downfall of society. One example of this is the whole fad with UGG boots. I get that maybe they are comfortable and warm but I know that some people are wearing just because they see everyone else wearing them. This is also an issue when they are warn during the summer. That doesn't make sense at all to me.
Another concern of mine is with the giant sunglasses which take up a girls entire face. The reason for most people wearing these is because they think they look good. All the famous people wear them, why don't I get some ugly sunglasses especially the light ones that don't even work. What is the point of wearing sunglasses that don't protect your eyes from the sun, especially UVA and UVB. That is just ridiculous. Walking down campus is very irritating seeing all these people copy catting each other. It makes everything look very similar and not as diverse as it should be with everyone from different backgrounds. It is very hard to believe that everyone has the exact same preference in style. Coming back to social design, this reminds me of the introduction of the suburbs where every house in a 5x 5 mile radius are exactly the same. I believe that this is a huge problem and come one people! Wear what you want, NOT what you think you should or are told to wear! BE YOURSELVES!!

February 5, 2008

Andy Goldsworthy city(Blog 1)

Andy Goldsworthy has a very interesting way of looking at things, especially nature. He makes a certain flow throughout all of his artwork. This can be related throughout a city. The same way that Andy expresses himself with the flow and transforming nature is expressed in a city. For example, he puts leaves in a pool which fades the life and death of leaves going from green to red. This is an example of nature in time and he centers his work on time. In a city there is always a certain flow to it and when someone gets used to it, it becomes natural moving within the city. Also when a city is designed time is one of the main thoughts put into it. Asking what this city is going to look like in 20-50 years. The idea is to make it still look great after time. In Andy's stick mate that changes colors over time by the decaying wood. It keeps it's design and that is hopefully what a city is going to do without looking decayed.

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