October 13, 2005

Fujishin's five dysfunctional roles

When reflecting on the five dysfunctional roles..the Controler, Blamer, Pleaser, Distractor and the Ghost, I thought about which one i am most concerned with or cautious about falling into. Okay so after some deep thought here is my partial conclusion or answer to this question..I feel as human beings we are all controlling or we all have the urge to control others. Its a natural fault which we all share. I also feel that we all take the roll of the blamer in the fact that we always look at others and judge their flaws or take their inventory, when we should be taking our own. so that leave the Pleaser, the Distractor and the Ghost. These are rolls or words which label people with problems that probably go much deeper than being a distractor, ghost or pleaser. okay jason so finally getting to the point. We all have flaws in our persona, one of our biggest flaws is to judge other peoples flaws, or take their inventory for them in order to make us feel better or worse..my famous quote "ignorance of oneself is defeat for oneself" yeah so i don't know if that makes any sense, i just had to throw it in their. so basically I feel that all of us fall under these categories and have to realize this and once we do we can work better with others. However getting back to the point, we shouldn't judge others and try to fix them.."controlling aspect of us" and judge them in order to better understand them...we all need to do our own inventory and better understand ourselves...

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