October 20, 2005

3 anti Goleman Views

When reading the articles on the internet that were against Goleman's Emotional intelligence, I found that they all were kind of centered around the argument that Goleman doesn't explain what to do and Goleman mainly mentions happiness and other aspects that are related the brain. I feel that these other sholars aren't looking at this book as a tool we could all use. They are expecting this book to tell them what we should do and how we should do it. If that is what this book was designed for then yes they would have a good reason to be asking these questions. Goleman i feel designed this book as a tool for us to use and base some of our thinking off of. I feel that the book for the most part was written very well. Another main argument which relates to the two above is...Scholars are complaining that there is no instruction on how we should change people or how we change the ghosts, the controler the yes person and so on in the group.. These people fail to recognize the simple fact that we ourselves can't change people it is up to them to change themselves and for us to change ourselves. I feel that Goleman was very sensitive towards this idea and he wrote the book for knowledge and not as an instruction manual for changing people..

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