December 7, 2005

Creative Strategies

Have my company for the past 8 or nine years now, we have seen a lot of ups and quite a few down times. The line of work seems very monotonous especially the book work section of it.. Also working in partnerships are very difficult just ask any wise adult what they think about partnerships and they'll just laugh and say they never work...well guess what they can work. however it is very difficult, and the biggest thing is for muy communicion between partners and a common respect for change. We all lose motivation over is just a natural thing. The boys and i have learned a couple of skills that we use to stay motivated. You may hear advice on how to stay motivated or give advice but the thing to remember is motivation is individualized and you have to find the key ingredients that work for you. In our case we set different challenges among we will take turns with new clients and have a competition as to who can actually get a client and pursue with his or her goals..this is done in a months period and due to us all being college students the winner gets to have two days off and the tab at the bar picked up for him for two nights. Also during the day we always take time to play a game or we bring things to break, sometimes we bring shotguns and go to a range during lunch and shoot away our me this works. What we do now and in our company obviously is not oppropriet for future jobs or even future prospects, but the point is you have to adapt and find out what works best for your situation and time to stay motivated.

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