December 7, 2005

Tipping point favorites

Now this is a very interesting book. Some of the ideas hit close to home and my business. For example about two years ago we started to use large bolders as retaining walls ( 3'-5' height) instead of using the smaller basket ball size bolders. over that year and the following we noticed that the price of these large bolders were increasing and a lot of the competition was starting to use these large bolders for retaining walls. Now we would like to think that we started this trend. but clearly we didn't or did we. Our first job was on pelican lake, in a very high traffic channel. the owner said that he had a lot of people stop by and ask who did the rocks and a lot of compliments. so maybe word of mouth starting with our work got aroud town and tipped this fasination with larger boulders. I liked how the tipping point would look at all the different possiblilities of how an item might have tipped. Was it a natural phenomonen or was it tipped by one particular person who was willing to be the first. The actual turning point or tipping point is a very interesting subject, such as were did it all begin. but i think there might be more to it than just one specific incident. I think just a combination of different incidents may in general cause one thing to tip.

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