December 15, 2005

In a rut

Everyone has times where they think there is no way out of any situation. I seem to have been in a lot of these lately, with the lawnservice and financial problems, school problems, depression problems, it just seems that the list is never ending. In my case lately, concerning the depression and GAD i always thought that i was the only one feeling this way. What helped me was to talk be open and communicate to people. use your friends and family, swallow hard and get out of bed and force yourself to read and stay busy. I also found that if i take a half hour a day to just sit back and develope your own form of meditation. This really helps to clear the mind and detach from the stressors of everyday life. I personally put some jack johnson on or some beach music and close my eyes and think of the good warm things in my life for roughly a half hour. i'm not totally out of the clear yet but I think by setting goals and sticking with ideas it helps to control some feelings and helps get out of rut like situations.

Posted by at December 15, 2005 1:52 PM