December 15, 2005

Final Response

i thought this class was done very well. The independent/ structured learning techqnique is one in which many people can learn by. I really enjoyed learning things on my own and discussing them without the anxiety felt of having to cram for an exam or test. taking tests and exams i feel do hurt the learning process. it brings out the anxiety in all of us and we don't retain the information needed. Discussions are key and getting the class involved is very important. The class excerses were in tune with the discussions and the concepts. Aimee don't change your teaching strategy I really enjoyed the structure and i know a lot of others did also. It was a calmly structured open environment where we all felt wanted and comfortable and that opened up our listening skills. WEll thanks for everything..keep in touch. if you every need any landscape work down or if you are looking at buying property up in the breezy point area we have a couple lots and are always looking for more. i'll give you some contact info incase you need NLD's assistance. take care have a great summer and rest of the year. happy holidays

Jason Dressel 612-812-2647
Scott nelson 218-831-7289

Posted by at December 15, 2005 2:04 PM