September 18, 2005

Self Inventory

Well when i sat down to do my inventory checklist, i noticed that my book pages jumped from 20-27 so i do not have the checklist, so i am just going to go off on a wim here and try and decipher what the checklist was about. I believe the checklist would have been about personal aspects such as do you spend enough time for self discovery, Are you indeed open to self discovery. Do you spend time by yourself to reflect onn certain issues, or do you spend time by yourself detaching from everyday life and come back refreshed. So my answer to this. I have always been a person who puts others before him, I'm always there for my friends family and girlfriend. I have noticed, now becoming a super senior, that i have become stressed or worn out this past year, anxiety, slight depression and sleepless nights. I did go to my family physician and he recommended a couple of different options, of course pills were one of them and possibly some counceling. I am not one who wants to drink away his sorrows, not going to lie, I do have a degree in college drinking, however i can separate real feelings from chemical feelings. So I decided to try something different. I started reading more books, such as Tuesday's with morrie, just an outstanding book, and five people you meet in heaven. both written by mitch albom, Highly recommended. I also started buying more plants for my room such as a bonsai and other plants which require TLC. I have been taking time to do my own type of meditation and reflect on the good things in my life. I have noticed a big change in my attitude and more of a clear head, however, life is full of ups and downs and i still get down and foggy headed, but if we all accept that that is a part of life and something we can take in and become stronger. I feel that we all have our individual needs and I feel that the workplace and college need to address these individual needs and teach people to sit back relax and love eachother. a famous quote, Love eachother or perish. "autom" I don't really know if this is what this entry was suppose to be about but i hope i am close..

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September 13, 2005

Effective teams

In the business world teams make up the majority of the strategic decision making process. An effective team in a small or even large business has a common goal or outcome in which they all want to achieve. A team in a corporation might be made up of a Chief financial officer, which may bring his or her input of the financial aspect of the companies decision. There may also be a Different levels from the corporate ladder which may bring there opinion, from the floor if you will and the other employees opinions. A successful team is also very structured and very open to others decision and not just the decision of one person, such as the chief executive officer. I feel that a well structured team with implicit and some explicit values, taking into consideration a comfortable relaxed atmosphere is an effective way to approach the decision goal. Openess and different opinions along with structure and goals will help make a team strive in the business world

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September 8, 2005

Emotional intelligence

I have always been a person who is very open and very understanding. I'm always making sure i take into consideration both sides of the story, always respective others decisions. I do however take critique hard which i'm sure a lot of us do, which would definately be a weakness when rating in terms of Golemans personal and social emotional competences.

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Hello 3266,

My name is Jason Dressel I am a 5th year senior "super senior" I am majoring in economics with emphasis in marketing. I have a landscape/lawnservice/ developing company in brainerd minnesota, which i start six years ago. I am a tournament waterskier, primarily slalom skiing. I enjoy any sport which has to do with water. kyte boarding, wakeboarding, trick skiing, etc. I am looking forward to finishing my 5 year plan at school, however it will be missed. some goals in life would be to do something which i enjoy and live life to its fullest.

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