December 15, 2005

Final Response

i thought this class was done very well. The independent/ structured learning techqnique is one in which many people can learn by. I really enjoyed learning things on my own and discussing them without the anxiety felt of having to cram for an exam or test. taking tests and exams i feel do hurt the learning process. it brings out the anxiety in all of us and we don't retain the information needed. Discussions are key and getting the class involved is very important. The class excerses were in tune with the discussions and the concepts. Aimee don't change your teaching strategy I really enjoyed the structure and i know a lot of others did also. It was a calmly structured open environment where we all felt wanted and comfortable and that opened up our listening skills. WEll thanks for everything..keep in touch. if you every need any landscape work down or if you are looking at buying property up in the breezy point area we have a couple lots and are always looking for more. i'll give you some contact info incase you need NLD's assistance. take care have a great summer and rest of the year. happy holidays

Jason Dressel 612-812-2647
Scott nelson 218-831-7289

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The Breeze

Well as we all know technology can be absolutely rediculous sometimes, it can be your best friend until you really are counting on it then bam boom done C YA leaves your side. I think breeze is an excellent concept, but Breeze along with other virtual communication techniques, I pods, internet, is taking our communication skills and people skills away, sure its easy to act like a tough guy and go through with what you say over the phone, yeah but try that in person tough guy. communication is very important in all aspects of life, one on one communication that is so yes this technology can be useful however we can't ever depend fully on bill gates and his zillion dollar enterprize. we are only human

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In a rut

Everyone has times where they think there is no way out of any situation. I seem to have been in a lot of these lately, with the lawnservice and financial problems, school problems, depression problems, it just seems that the list is never ending. In my case lately, concerning the depression and GAD i always thought that i was the only one feeling this way. What helped me was to talk be open and communicate to people. use your friends and family, swallow hard and get out of bed and force yourself to read and stay busy. I also found that if i take a half hour a day to just sit back and develope your own form of meditation. This really helps to clear the mind and detach from the stressors of everyday life. I personally put some jack johnson on or some beach music and close my eyes and think of the good warm things in my life for roughly a half hour. i'm not totally out of the clear yet but I think by setting goals and sticking with ideas it helps to control some feelings and helps get out of rut like situations.

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December 7, 2005

Tipping point favorites

Now this is a very interesting book. Some of the ideas hit close to home and my business. For example about two years ago we started to use large bolders as retaining walls ( 3'-5' height) instead of using the smaller basket ball size bolders. over that year and the following we noticed that the price of these large bolders were increasing and a lot of the competition was starting to use these large bolders for retaining walls. Now we would like to think that we started this trend. but clearly we didn't or did we. Our first job was on pelican lake, in a very high traffic channel. the owner said that he had a lot of people stop by and ask who did the rocks and a lot of compliments. so maybe word of mouth starting with our work got aroud town and tipped this fasination with larger boulders. I liked how the tipping point would look at all the different possiblilities of how an item might have tipped. Was it a natural phenomonen or was it tipped by one particular person who was willing to be the first. The actual turning point or tipping point is a very interesting subject, such as were did it all begin. but i think there might be more to it than just one specific incident. I think just a combination of different incidents may in general cause one thing to tip.

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Creative Strategies

Have my company for the past 8 or nine years now, we have seen a lot of ups and quite a few down times. The line of work seems very monotonous especially the book work section of it.. Also working in partnerships are very difficult just ask any wise adult what they think about partnerships and they'll just laugh and say they never work...well guess what they can work. however it is very difficult, and the biggest thing is for muy communicion between partners and a common respect for change. We all lose motivation over is just a natural thing. The boys and i have learned a couple of skills that we use to stay motivated. You may hear advice on how to stay motivated or give advice but the thing to remember is motivation is individualized and you have to find the key ingredients that work for you. In our case we set different challenges among we will take turns with new clients and have a competition as to who can actually get a client and pursue with his or her goals..this is done in a months period and due to us all being college students the winner gets to have two days off and the tab at the bar picked up for him for two nights. Also during the day we always take time to play a game or we bring things to break, sometimes we bring shotguns and go to a range during lunch and shoot away our me this works. What we do now and in our company obviously is not oppropriet for future jobs or even future prospects, but the point is you have to adapt and find out what works best for your situation and time to stay motivated.

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