April 12, 2005


here is an overhead shot of the station

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this is a pic of the downtown east station

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I am not sure what to expect riding the light rail. I figure it will be kind of like a bus ride but only more modern and different I guess. I hope the ride experience goes smoothly, I am sure it will.

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Posted by dres0063 at 6:58 PM

April 5, 2005

Yellow Arrow

There are many different things someone could put a yellow arrow on, it may have meaning to them or it may just be something unique. For some reason I would put a yellow arrow on the tenth floor of the Galtier Tower apartments in St. Paul, Minnesota. Unknown to most, the tenth floor has a huge patio area outside with pathways, lush greenery, florals and benches along with lounge chairs and mazes of path throughout. It is a beautiful area and yet it is in the sky looking over the river, capitol and downtown St. Paul and beyond. It is a great place to relax and enjoy something beautiful, right in the city. I wish I had a picture to show it off, maybe eventually I will.

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