April 12, 2005


here is an overhead shot of the station


here is a link on the first light rail accident

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this is a pic of the downtown east station

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I am not sure what to expect riding the light rail. I figure it will be kind of like a bus ride but only more modern and different I guess. I hope the ride experience goes smoothly, I am sure it will.

The light rail ride was great. It was roomy and comfortable and a neat way to travel. It is definetly a nicer ride than the buses and quite convenient depending on where you need to go. There was plenty of room and I also noticed there were luggage and bike racks, so you can definitely bring more than yourself and be perfectly fine. It was quick and quiet and clean.
I stopped at the downtown east/metrodome station. This station was full of people and quite colorful. I never realized the station is modeled after the stone arch bridge just a few blocks away. That would definetly be an example of somnambulism I have driven by this station before but never did I realize what the purpose of the design was. There were references on the "bridge" to immigrant groups that had settled in this area years before. I think it is great how they incorporated the areas history into this light rail station, because it is very important.

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April 5, 2005

Yellow Arrow

There are many different things someone could put a yellow arrow on, it may have meaning to them or it may just be something unique. For some reason I would put a yellow arrow on the tenth floor of the Galtier Tower apartments in St. Paul, Minnesota. Unknown to most, the tenth floor has a huge patio area outside with pathways, lush greenery, florals and benches along with lounge chairs and mazes of path throughout. It is a beautiful area and yet it is in the sky looking over the river, capitol and downtown St. Paul and beyond. It is a great place to relax and enjoy something beautiful, right in the city. I wish I had a picture to show it off, maybe eventually I will.

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This weekend I did a bunch of nothing and enjoyed our great weather. It is great to relax and not have to worry about anything in life for awhile. It seems as soon as the weather gets better, people's moods do too. I feel better anyway with quite a bit more energy.

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