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April 28, 2010

Looking Back, Part 4

Here is the last bunch of photos taken as a 2nd shooter for Daniel Snow. This wedding took place at the end of February when the snow was still piled high, but the sun was strong enough to make outdoor photos pretty tolerable. And how adorable is this ring bearer?

IMG_7957 copy.jpg

IMG_7975 copy.jpg

IMG_7998 copy.jpg


IMG_8083 copy.jpg

IMG_8602 copy.jpg

April 10, 2010

Looking Back, Part 3

Again, more from 2nd shooting with Daniel Snow. This was a neat wedding, and one I definitely enjoyed. One highlight was the cute little chapel where the ceremony was held. Check out the stained glass windows! The chapel is on the campus of Concordia College in St. Paul, and is a great place for a beautiful, intimate wedding.


IMG_3339 copy.jpg

IMG_3687 copy.jpg

IMG_3497 copy.jpg

IMG_3864 copy.jpg

IMG_4025 copy.jpg


IMG_4080 copy.jpg

IMG_3976 copy.jpg