Courtney Driessen
Blooming Prairie, MN '12

We have nearly reached the halfway point in our trip. We have seen two or maybe even three cathedrals, visited four museums, toured multiple historic sites, walked the city walls, become acquainted with the train system, and sat through 18 hours of class. This weekend we will be traveling to three cities for the chance to experience even more important medieval sites.

We have made unexpected friends and have come to know fellow students in a way that we may never have had the chance to do without this trip. We have tried strange sounding foods and mixed with the locals. At times we have struggled to interpret accents, but have the joy of talking with people that most intimately know what is foreign to us.

We have read centuries old poems, discovered the lifestyles and customs of those long passed, and learned how to evaluate their lives in comparison to our own.

Sadly we have only two weeks left of this trip and we are beginning to see the end, but this drives us to make these last two weeks worth every moment. Our relationships will continue to grow as will our knowledge. And as corny or cliché as all of this may sound, we truly are amazed and grateful for the opportunity that we have been given to be in this country learning at a level that is incomparable to any classroom experience.

(Just a note: Due to the trip to Lindisfarne over the weekend, no blog entries will be made until after we return. Look for a new entry either Monday or Tuesday night.)


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Really interesting reading. Every trip has beginning and after all it has an end. The road is all that matters.

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