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September 30, 2008


I have use the presenter version on web conferencing and posted training. I narrated it and sent it to others to view. It’s a great way to reach lots of people and make everyone is receiving the same information. I haven’t set up any meeting using UM connect until today. It’s easy to do. I invited Shari Schmidt to the meeting. We hooked up our microphones and were able to chat back and forth. We shared our screen and edited documents. It was really cool. I am mentoring a new food science educator. I want to use UM Connect to do some of the orientation and to show her the features of how to use this program.

September 29, 2008

It's all about communication!

We hold some of our classes on the St Paul campus so I thought it would be good to sign up for the TXT-U wirleless emergency notification system. Many of us hold meetings on campus so it might be good thing for all Extension staff to do. Speaking of emergency contacts, I was showing someone my cell phone the other day. She saw my ICE contact and asked what it was. I explained it's my contact "In case of Emergency". Adding an ICE number to cell phones, is another good thing too do.

When we first were notified about the U's instant messaging program. I installed Pidgin and used it a bit but forgot aobut it and quit using it. I got a new computer and haven't reinstalled the program. I can see ways IM could be used as a follow-up quick evaluation tool to participants. Or answer any questions that came up in class that weren't answered.

I guess I'm not enough of a 'geek' to appreciate Twitter. I did read the articles and viewed the public site but got lost in the 'tweets'. Maybe, I'll need to 'get with the times' to communicate with my kids as they get older and get a Tweeter account. Of course, by then (3 years from now) there will be a new way tool and way to communicate.

September 24, 2008

Social networking uses for Extension

I have not gotten on the social networking bandwagon until now. Thanks Amy for challenging us to site up a profile on LinkedIn. I took the challenge; however, I ran out of time to add and find friends. I hope to get back to that sometime.

The assignment was to ponder how social networking could be used in my work. In the food safety arena, we have really targeted managers and workers in foodservice. I’d like to see research on adults who use social networking sites. I might take an informal survey at a few of my classes and ask if they or there employees do. Based on the article and Greenhow’s research that 77% of high school students they studied have a profile. Combined that with a high percentage of first jobs are in food service this might be a way to reach food service workers.

Productivity Tools

I was really excited to do this module. Tools to make me more productive. Sounded too good to be true. However, after exploring the tools I found two tool I thought could be especially helpful and save time. I really like slide share. I think this could be used to see what your colleagues have developed on similar topics so you don’t have to revinent the wheel and to make sure your messages are close to the same.

The other tools I thought was cool and could use was Jing. I could do a quick video on how to put on gloves or wash produce safely.

I thought the online documents creators were interesting but not sure when I would use them. I guess if I was at a library or using someone else’s computer, I may use it but not sure when else.

Regarding the organizing tools, I like to have everything in one place so use Outlook to organize me. I’m not a ‘to do’ list type and have been able to relay on my calendar and my memory to keep me on task so won’t invest time learning an online one yet.

September 23, 2008

Wacky Thoughts about Wikis

Okay. One should not try and do all of the modules for this course in one day. All of the tools available on the Internet are mindboggling. I explored the eExtension wiki and found a site on food safety for very small food processors. Great information on that site. I haven't tried to change/add anything to a Wiki yet. I do see how it could be very useful to share food safety teaching ideas and resources for your area of expertise. I believe in synergy and borrowing ideas from others. Very cool stuff.

Flickr and Photo Stuff

At home, I use Snapfish to upload my photos and order prints and stuff from it. I found the Flickr website to be crowded and a bit overwhelming for me. I did like visiting and seeing photos. I searched for Brazil photos since I am going there on an EFANS study tour. I found over one thousand photos. Most were copyrighted. This site probably won't be my first stop when looking for food safety photos. USDA has a great site that I use often.

I just noticed, I have a typo in my primary category. I wrote 'Couse' not 'Course.' Does this thing have spell check?

I didn't find spell check so I just added another category with the correct spelling. I couldn't figure out how to delete the word I mispelled though.

Feeds 101

I added URLs for the feeds that I would like to see on Bloglines. It's easy. I'm assuming I get emails alerts. I best not sign up for too many. I signed up for 4 just to see how it works. I love tocook and try new reicpes so I had to sign up for the Simply Recipe site.

I'm a member of NEAFCS and have tried to sign up for there feed on there blog site. I got a message saying there was an error. So I registered for these feed through Blogline so I'll see if that works.

Thoughts about this course and blogging

Thanks for sharing another University resource that I had no idea it exisited. Sometimes, I wonder what rock I'm hiding under. What a great way to keep connected and learn aobut news ways to reach our audiences. I see many ways this blog can be used in the work I do in food safety. Seasonal issues, responding to news in the media or staying connected with past course participants.