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It's all about communication!

We hold some of our classes on the St Paul campus so I thought it would be good to sign up for the TXT-U wirleless emergency notification system. Many of us hold meetings on campus so it might be good thing for all Extension staff to do. Speaking of emergency contacts, I was showing someone my cell phone the other day. She saw my ICE contact and asked what it was. I explained it's my contact "In case of Emergency". Adding an ICE number to cell phones, is another good thing too do.

When we first were notified about the U's instant messaging program. I installed Pidgin and used it a bit but forgot aobut it and quit using it. I got a new computer and haven't reinstalled the program. I can see ways IM could be used as a follow-up quick evaluation tool to participants. Or answer any questions that came up in class that weren't answered.

I guess I'm not enough of a 'geek' to appreciate Twitter. I did read the articles and viewed the public site but got lost in the 'tweets'. Maybe, I'll need to 'get with the times' to communicate with my kids as they get older and get a Tweeter account. Of course, by then (3 years from now) there will be a new way tool and way to communicate.