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Productivity Tools

I was really excited to do this module. Tools to make me more productive. Sounded too good to be true. However, after exploring the tools I found two tool I thought could be especially helpful and save time. I really like slide share. I think this could be used to see what your colleagues have developed on similar topics so you don’t have to revinent the wheel and to make sure your messages are close to the same.

The other tools I thought was cool and could use was Jing. I could do a quick video on how to put on gloves or wash produce safely.

I thought the online documents creators were interesting but not sure when I would use them. I guess if I was at a library or using someone else’s computer, I may use it but not sure when else.

Regarding the organizing tools, I like to have everything in one place so use Outlook to organize me. I’m not a ‘to do’ list type and have been able to relay on my calendar and my memory to keep me on task so won’t invest time learning an online one yet.