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Social networking uses for Extension

I have not gotten on the social networking bandwagon until now. Thanks Amy for challenging us to site up a profile on LinkedIn. I took the challenge; however, I ran out of time to add and find friends. I hope to get back to that sometime.

The assignment was to ponder how social networking could be used in my work. In the food safety arena, we have really targeted managers and workers in foodservice. I’d like to see research on adults who use social networking sites. I might take an informal survey at a few of my classes and ask if they or there employees do. Based on the article and Greenhow’s research that 77% of high school students they studied have a profile. Combined that with a high percentage of first jobs are in food service this might be a way to reach food service workers.


Whoah, woman! You catch up fast!! I loved reading your blog posts! I agree, research into how adults use social networking would be very interesting. For now, it seems like adults use it just to keep up with youth. Thanks for signing up for the course!