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February 5, 2005


February 5, 2005...a new online journal is born. Why live journal? I guess its about time to get started documenting my life since one day im going to have a best selling book of my personal memoirs. Lets hope my publisher doesn't take over all artistic control with the cover art. In a country where only a tenth of Americans get their news and information from the printed word, a picture is worth a thousand words. Unless of course we're speaking of the blind. But since my blog as it were is not currently accesible to the visually impaired I suppose we can politely overlook our nonseeing neighbors for the time being. Anyway, lets face it...people judge a book by its cover. That's why it is imparative that I have the proper cover for my memoirs. I've posted some specific examples of book covers that immediately scare away the reader......


0916291456.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.gif alum09.jpg stillugly.jpg

My headshots are also another concern of mine. Ok, lets be practical, I've been on this earth long enough to have realized I have model like facial bonestructure and lips that rival Ms. Julia Roberts. (I also have a nice ass too, but that's beside the point). My face from an overly conservative view point would be considered 'cute'. However, if photographed from a very specific angle (speculated at around 30 degrees) I have been said to resemble a one Steven Buscemi. 2040136.jpg Now this could be extermly virulant to my writing career. Having a headshot that resembles a celebrity who is type cast as a child molester in such blockbusters as "Con Air" has very negative implications for obvious reasons. With such a headshot in my book, where my readers should have seen literary art, all they will see is Megan's law.

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i love it.

Posted by: sis at February 6, 2005 3:16 AM