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March 7, 2005

Milk Mustache

As children we are told to drink enough milk to ensure strong teeth and bones. As Catholics, the message is similar: we are told to eat enough Jesus and drink enough Christ to ensure a pure spirit. Regardless of your stance on the catholic religion itís quite clear that being catholic takes a lot of sacrifice. It forces you back to the kitchen table with your glass of milk. Itís from this mindset that the milk is digestible with a child's naivety. However, as the child grows he becomes less tolerable of the milk, as logic and reason make digestion more difficult. To drink without question, that is to believe without reason, is to remain a child. This, however, does not suggest faith and logic are incompatible. Faith like any truth or principle should be a struggle. There is too much at stake for the human condition to gulp down that glass with a disregard for subsequent repercussion. Thus, it is important to own your principles and beliefs before you legislate your stances on political and social issues. Otherwise, as I recently witnessed, you may find yourself with fractured value system and a serious case of cognitive dissonance. I was checking my student email account, all very important business - no hotornot emails or facebooking of course - an AIM dialogue box pops up with a screen name that I don't recognize and red white and blue abomination of an buddy icon celebrating the glory that is GWB...*cough* four more wars. Anyway, it turns out this was one of those facebook stalkers who IMed me because my profile makes me seem 'nice'. This made me slightly skeptical because my profile really does nothing to make me come across as anything other than maybe sarcastic and slightly vindictive, certainly not 'nice'. I decided to do a little detective work and check out the guy's aim profile where I was directed to his facebook profile. Most interesting pieces of information I found: Political Views- Very Conservative, Interested in- Women. Further confusion ensued when he told me in addition to the kindness i possessed, I was also 'hot'. Well, trying to sort things out without stepping on his feelings too much (he had seemed to have become slightly attached by this point), I said, "you must be confused, I have a penis." He was quite confused as to my comment, astonished with my ability to left click and link to his profile when I explained about my confusion with this alleged 'interest' in women in his facebook profile. Apparently, he was interested in women, but had a curiosity in men. Bottom line, he wanted to come over and as he put it, suck me. I explained to him that I wasn't into hooking up with random people, I was a relationship oriented and went further to explain how I did not find him attractive at all, when he persisted offering me money for the blow job. Get paid and get off? Did I win the lottery? No, I had not. Between the Flannel, chubby profile, sagging chin, token all american pick up, all displayed in the facebook picture, and the hyper-conservative views I was left limper than Bob Dole pre-Viagra. Curious about his political views and their basis, I steered the conversation towards the GOP. He vigorously fought my liberal propaganda proclaiming George W. as the Best gosh darn president this country as ever seen. Apparently his views against abortion, gay marriage and support for military control of Iraq had a strong root in his Catholic upbringing. He maintained homosexuality and same sex marriage as morally abject. I asked him then, "Where does paying a stranger to allow you to suck their dick fit in with your moral bedrock?" He responded, "Eh, everyone's got to live sometime...Plus if I enjoy it, maybe I'll change my views." I had been discouraging him from 'trying it', not only because of the obvious health risks, but also because it directly interfered with his 'moral principles'...which are the foundation for his entire belief system. And here he was, ready to change his moral system simply because a different set of principles made his dick hard. I found it appalling, that his views, which I consider oppressionary, are held in place by a fickle, childlike ignorance. While he may continue to drink his milk, he'll be left with an entirely different kind of milk mustache.

Posted by droz0008 at 9:11 PM