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March 6, 2006

Chicken and Stars for the Teenage Solstice

Anastacia gregorian chants while Eminem plays the fiddle
Its midnight in my mind..things, they really start to sizzle-fo shizzle.

Stealing candy from a baby is operative one.
Crying. the childs eyes mirrors a deep and pure pain in your own. Pudgy, romantic cruves of infancy.
North American Man Boy Love Association.
Buddah reminds you that from desire comes suffering.
It stings constantly and burns the intense hot of the smoldering crimsone embers of campfire past its prime.
Lingering, but past potential for productivity. No more s'mores.
A cold black charred future lays in store for the mind.
Blood stream is an injection of epinepharan.
Nerves excoriated by years of gnawing dull sick anxiety.

Posted by droz0008 at 11:33 AM