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February 27, 2007

The Transience of Everything

My small skim mocha-no whip- will always get cold before I finish it. The heat never lingers long enough and I am forced to recon with a tepid ounce of muddy liquid. Sadly, it stands that transience imbues every aspect of life. Each day, starting in our twenties, human beings begin to die. It’s all part of an organic decay. The sum of the enzymatic reactions that make up a person begin to fizzle and pop. Each time our cells divide, the ends of our chromosomes shorten, causing a loss in of DNA. This does not present an immediate problem because our bodies buffer the ends of our chromosomes with Junk DNA so that a little snip to the ends does not result deleteriously. However, eventually after enough cell divisions, the buffer region wears away and genes important for cellular activity become deleted several nucleotides at a time. It’s ironic—the body’s proliferation is the very source of its breakdown. Through progress comes increased disorder. Tony Kushner’s Angels In America addresses this idea directly. In the play, set in New York City during the eighties when the AIDS epidemic has exploded, angels visit the city because progress on earth has initiated the collapse of heaven. God has left heaven—his/her/zer whereabouts unknown. In a desperate and impossible plea, angels visit earth to convince humans to stop progress—that is—live outside time, in order to stop heaven’s demise. Time is a virus, symbolized by and seen in the accelerated decay caused by the AIDS virus. To realize life’s transience is to realize the mortality of everything—including the words spilling upon the page—they will eventually dry up, lost to a corrupted hard drive or just simply forgotten. Is God absent from heaven? Lately, asking that question, for me, has become analogous to asking if Santa is missing from the North Pole. Is God just another transient human construction that will deteriorate with time? Maybe that’s why I drink.

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