Analysis: Function of attribution in story on prison break

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A prison break, especially one near a border, is bound to create some stress. When nearly 130 inmates escaped from a Mexican prison near the border of Texas, a quick and concise (and accurate) report is vital, like the article from CNN News.

With the international nature of the prison break, an American news organization may have run the risk of reporting inaccurate information due to lack of proximity, so reliable sources were key. Directly quoting the Coahuila state attorney general, who made a public statement on CNN en EspaƱol, provided a reputable source, one who was directly involved with the breakout and handling its publicity and aftermath.

Continually attributing the statement from police and officials helped to establish a level of accuracy, as well. Their public statement helped to illuminate the overall story, from numerical figures to current investigations. They provided the hard-news facts: the who, what, where, when, and (the very interesting part) the how.

In an attempt to mention the U.S. involvement, information was attributed from a homeland security official. By quoting this government official, responsible for protecting our borders, the article attempts to provide a sense of security. With the prison break so close to American borders, U.S. citizens would most likely be concerned with the possibility of international criminals coming into their hometowns. The information from the homeland security official will help to assure the public that, although there was a large prison break, there is no need to flee your homes.

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