Bomb threat leads to NDSU evacuation

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The students of North Dakota State University (NDSU) were evacuated Friday morning after a bomb threat was reported.

"The threat was delivered via phone," said agents of the Fargo FBI. The call, which came in at roughly 9:45 a.m., led to a campus-wide evacuation of students and faculty by 10:15 a.m. While the evacuation caused major traffic jams, said the NDSU Communications Department , students were commended on a quick and orderly evacuation.

Students were alerted of the evacuation through email and phone call, reported the San Francisco Chronicle. Alerts were also sent through social media, like Facebook.

There was concern among administrators that the NDSU bomb threat could be connected to an earlier bomb threat at the University of Texas, reports Kare 11 News. The University of Texas had received a similar call earlier that Friday morning at 8:35 a.m. So far, no connection has been found between the two separate calls.

Police said no accidents were reported and students were able to return to classes by 2 p.m.

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