California toy-maker sues Toys R Us over children's tablet

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A Los Angeles toy-maker is suing Toys R Us for allegedly stealing trade secrets of the Californian company's child tablet, the Nabi.

In the San Diego legal suit, Fuhu Inc. claims that Toys R Us stole trade information to create and design its own tablet called, the Tabeo, from the designs of the Fuhu Inc. tablet, Nabi, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Last year, Fuhu Inc. had a contract with Toys R Us to sell the Nabi, but the lawsuit claims that the toy company did not follow through on the advertising and selling of the tablet. The lawsuit also states that that several design details were copied, including the protective butterfly-shaped bumper that surrounds the tablet, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Toys R Us is planning on releasing the Tabeo for the important upcoming holiday season, according to the Los Angeles Times, but Ronald Katz, a lawyer for Fuhu Inc., says that the company is looking to stop the toy giant from selling it altogether.

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