Analysis: Function of follow-up in story on Honda recalls

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I reported on an article from CNN News on the recall of over 500,000 Honda Accords. A follow-up story came out about an extension of that recall to include 268,000 CR-Vs.

Seeing as the second article is an introduction of the CR-V recall, the lead had to include to extended recall coverage, adding the 268,000 CR-Vs to the existing 500,000 Accords. The lead also was modified to include the specific reason for the "fire risk" mentioned in the Accord article - issues with the power window master switch.

The main news value - the fire risk and car recall - was summarized by mentioning the recall's coverage and instructions for owners to follow.

The CR-V story advances the news by giving a more detailed description of how the fire risk could occur. The article describes the design fault and how it puts the vehicle at risk, as well as a link to Honda's official statement on the matter. It also mirrors the Accord article by mentioning reported accidents and what owners can do to repair their vehicles.

Overall, the function of this particular follow-up story on Honda Accord and CR-V recalls was to inform the public of additional concerns with possible malfunctioning vehicles and to inform the public of the actual cause of the malfunctions.

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