Analysis: Function of multimedia in news reporting

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Several news organizations are attempting to make use of multimedia news reporting through their websites. Both ABC News and The New York Times have successfully integrated multimedia into their websites, including photo and interactive slideshows.

The New York Times website utilizes interactive multimedia quite frequently. Just searching the term "interactive" on their website produces an array of stories told through graphs, maps, and images that change with the reader's actions. The New York Times website has an entire section of their side-bar dedicated to multimedia including interactives, photography, and video. ABC News Online makes use of large, striking photos as links for many of their stories, but they also have entire sections of their website dedicated to videos, slideshows, and stories-in-photos.

Both sites specifically have interactive maps related to the 2012 presidential race. These interactive maps compliment news stories that both news organizations have on the presidential race, specifically the influence of swing states in this year's presidential race. The New York Times recently published an article about how nine swing states, critical to the presidential race, are a "mixed lot". Their interactive map utilizes polling, previous election results, and political geography to further investigate the potential voting results of those key swing states. Below the interactive map there is a list of further analysis of particular states and the writing style used is one that is straightforward, appearing to favor neither side of the campaign. This style of writing that presents information in such a seemingly straightforward manner is a way for the news organization to appear unbiased in their reporting.

On ABC News Online, the same pattern appears. In an article published Friday, the news organization mentions several swing states, like Ohio and Iowa, and how those states will make predicting the results of the presidential race difficult. ABC's interactive map shows analysis of these states, including the rest of the country. A graph above the map shows the distribution of the votes of the electoral college. Below the map there is further analysis of key swing states, but in more of a paragraph form than the box form the New York Times used. The writing involved comes from the ABC News political director, so it has more of a personal tone to it, more opinionated. The writing shows a definite lean in favor of President Obama. This style of writing is possibly used by the political director to influence readers into a certain vote. She could attempt to utilize the numerical and mathematical map and graph above as proof.

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