Analysis: Lance Armstrong's Livestrong gala speech coverage

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Lance Armstrong's doping allegations have become big news. Many of his corporate sponsors have dropped him, including Nike and Trek, and he recently resigned from his position as chairman of the Livestrong Foundation. So, his appearance and speech at the Livestrong Gala Friday night were highly anticipated.

ABC News was on-hand to cover the event. Their article followed a slight "point, support" structure, but it also gave a significant amount of background information and exterior links related to the doping scandal. Rather than focusing on a continual pattern of "point" with a quote "support" from the speech, the structure of the article began with a "point, support", went further into the story, and finished with another "point, support", including quotes from other gala attendees.

By including such in-depth background information and other information related to recent developments in the story, the reporter gave the reader a knowledge of the actual story rather than just the gala speech. The story, at the moment, is Armstrong's resignation and loss of sponsors. The reporter realized this and provided the reader with information related to those topics, like who initially accused him, who has stepped forward, and who has recently stepped back.

In a way, the reporter honored Armstrong's own wish to "spare the foundation any negative effects as a result of controversy surrounding my cycling career" by ending the article with quotes from individuals involved with the Livestrong Foundation about how the foundation plans to "live strong" without their founder.

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