Google awards $60,000 to teenage hacker

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Google awarded a $60,000 prize to a teenage hacker who revealed a bug in the company's Chrome browser system.

The teen boy, who goes by the hacker name "Pinkie Pie", discovered a flaw in Google's browser Tuesday at a competition, known as "Pwnium", put on by Google in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, reported CNN News. The boy also found a bug in February at the first "Pwnium" competition and again won $60,000 from Google.

Before the first "Pwnium" in February, the boy applied for a job at Google and said in his cover letter that he could hack their Chrome browser, reported Deseret News.

Social media giant Facebook has also started paying hackers who could find bugs in their system, reported Deseret News. They reportedly give $500 to users who can find a bug.

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