MN Zoo dolphins find new homes in Chicago and San Francisco

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Bottlenose dolphins Allie and Semo have relocated from the Minnesota Zoo to new homes nearly 2,000 miles apart, the Star Tribune reported Thursday.

The two dolphins had to be relocated because major repairs needed to be made to the Apple Valley zoo's 15-year-old Discovery Bay building, which had suffered from years of salt water damage, the Star Tribune reported. During the repair period, the Minnesota Zoo will not have any dolphins in residence.

48-year-old Semo, the oldest male bottlenose dolphin in captivity, now calls Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in San Francisco home, Kare 11 News reported. He will soon be introduced to the other dolphins-in-residence at Six Flags and potentially be paired for mating.

25-year-old Allie returned to her previous home at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago where she lived from 1995 to 2000, reported Kare 11 News. While she is familiar with the other dolphins there, Allie is currently off exhibit until she gets used to her new surroundings, the Star Tribune reported.

"We will miss Allie and Semo," said Minnesota Zoo Marine Mammal Supervisor Diane Fusco, "but are excited to see them begin their new journeys. We know Allie and Semo will be well taken care of."

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