Principal sleeps on roof for iPad fundraiser

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The principal of a Maplewood, Minn., school slept on the roof of the school after parents and students raised $25,000 in an iPad fundraiser.

Maplewood's Gethsemane School Principal Aly Xiong told parents and students that he would sleep on the roof of the school if they were able to raise $20,000 to fund iPads for the school, reported The goal was met and beat when they raised $25,000.

"The incredible thing is that we never thought we'd make the goal," said parent Kristy Gusick in an article from Kare 11 News. She said that the Christian school in Maplewood, Minn., is a small one that raised only $8,000 in the same fundraiser last year.

Principal Xiong will spend the night on the roof of the school this week, reported Kare 11 News. He has asked that students come visit him and bring a canned food item for a local food kitchen.

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