Woman raped by police, then charged with indecency

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A Tunisian woman was allegedly raped by police officers and then charged with public indecency when she filed a complaint against her attackers.

The case, which began Sept. 3, initially started when three police officers approached the woman and her fiance, who were sitting in their car in the capitol Tunis, CNN News reported. Two officers then raped the woman inside the car while the other officer took the fiance to an ATM to extort money from him.

In an interview with France 24, the fiance said that one of the officers handcuffed him and demanded 300 dinars, the equivalent to roughly $194. When the fiance said he did not have the money, he said the officers "took everything I had" - about $25 dollars.

It wasn't until after the woman filed the complaint that the officers claimed to have discovered the couple in an "immoral position" in the car, CNN News reported. Now the woman and her fiance face charges of indecency which, if the two are found guilty, could result in six months in prison.

"In the end, this woman was raped three times," said Zeyneb Farhat, member of the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women, to France 24, "When she was taken from the car - a private space - when the policemen assaulted her, and when the justice system turned her into the accused."

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