Analysis: Function of numbers in hunting story

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The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press both reported on the opening weekend of Minnesota's first wolf hunting season. Both publications used various statistics and numbers to show the success of the weekend, but in different ways.

In my opinion, the Pioneer Press presented the numbers in a more accessible way and still created a news story, not just a results report.

Within the article, the reported attempts to present the numbers more accessibly by using only 1 to 2 figures in each paragraph. In this way, the numbers are not overwhelming to the reader, who would otherwise have to reread the numbers in order to actually understand their meaning.

While the reported did spread out the numbers of the hunting season over the entire article, some of the paragraphs of the article were small and scattered, without transitions to connect them. In order to both make the numbers easy to grasp and tell an interesting news story, the reporter should have threaded the statistics together around one central idea and use that to connect the various parts of the article.

The reporter used reliable sources for the statistics used in the article. The Department of Natural Resources and the DNR's wildlife research manager. In an attempt at equality, the reporter also including information from wildlife activist groups, like Howling for Wolves and the Northwoods Wolf Alliance.

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