Analysis: News obituary on Snapple founder

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This news obituary on the death of Snapple founder Arnold Greenberg follows the typical New York Times formula used nation-wide: lead, cause, claim to fame, chronology, and then family.

Sources used in the article range everywhere from Greenberg's family to the other Snapple founders, Leonard Marsh and Hyman Golden, to Greenberg himself. It can also be assumed that the reporter/writer did outside research on the background of the Snapple company and its history, gathering information from public resources departments and other Snapple counterparts.

The lead in this obituary definitely follows the standard obituary lead. It begins with the name of the person (Arnold Greenberg), followed by some notable identifying fact (the founder of Snapple), and then when and where the person died (Friday in Manhattan). It ends with a short sentence containing how old the person was (80).

Several news values can be attached to the death of Arnold Greenberg. There is prominence because Arnold Greenberg was the founder of a popular drink company. There is emotion because it is a death. There is even novelty because Greenberg's beginnings were somewhat comical and he went on to found a drink company. Also, there is some immediacy because Greenberg died Friday.

In general, an obituary (including this one) differs from a resume because it offers more than just jobs and accomplishments, although it does present those. An obituary offers personal information, life stories, history and background. I doubt that Arnold Greenberg would have put in his resume that he used to wrap pickles in newspapers at his father's store.

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